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Back from my holidays......


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
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.....with some extra weight! :rolleyes:

I knew I would put some on, of course, as I was going off diet, but intended to be careful. As we had a fantastic buffet, I was able to select just what I wanted (no excuses!). For breakfast, I had muesli, and normally a piece or two of lovely Spanish bread - naughty I know (but so much nicer than British bread!). I grabbed a handful of dried fruit to have for lunch later, along with a piece of fruit. For dinner I stuck to fish/chicken with salad, but I DID have a pudding of some sort every night (but not ice cream). I did my best with drinks - had lots of tea and coffee, soft drinks (low-cal when I could get them), and the odd boozy drink now and then (I do like sangria!).

I had two cooked breakfasts (one after a night out clubbing and one on the day we left, to keep me going through the day) and we did go out to dinner one night and I munched my way through a load of lovely seafood. (But no wine!)

It could have been worse of course (I could have had doughnuts etc. at breakfast, and there was always masses of bread and potatoes around at dinner, along with pizzas and pastas to keep all the Italians happy - but I didn't have any of that) - so what did I put on? Well, I put on 6½ lbs. :eek: But I didn't feel that I'd "undone all that good work" which I've seen thrown at people on here, and I'm still fitting into my size 12s and 14s, so to be honest I don't really regret any of it. :cool:

The problem now is getting back on track! I've had some pretty serious hair loss, so I don't want to go back to SS in case it makes it worse, so I thought I would carry on where I left off, i.e. 1000 cal, but I'm wondering if this is enough, as I've only lost a couple of pounds since I got back. Perhaps I should go back as far as SS+ to get these few extra pounds off? (Or I could actually get the WiiFit out that I had for my birthday, lol!) Or just let them come off gradually.....hmm, I'm not sure.

(My biggest problem at the moment is all the lovely British fruit & veg that's around at the moment - British strawberries and cherries are the best in the world imho, and I just can't leave them alone, they're not around for that long! :cry: You have no idea how difficult it is for me to resist all that deliciousness!)

Anyway, I've posted up a couple of pix of me on my hols, one of them a nudie one to match the other ones I put up - I think there is a definite improvement, don't you?! ;):D
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You are SO brave with your pics! I can't imagine ever wearing a mini-skirt but would love the choice. You did well before your holiday, you enjoyed your holiday and I'm sure you will get the weight off now. I'm not the right one to advise you of which stage really but I do know what you mean about the fresh fruit. I said to my daughter the other day that it feels strange walking past it in the supermarket.


Staff member
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You look fantastic in your photos!

Love Mini xxx
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Well your defintely not shy chick, gosh I would sure love your confidence!! Anyways well done on your weight loss journey so far you can defintely see how far ya have come and ya are looking fab. As for the extra gain over the hols, I am sure ya will get that off in no time and at the end of the day ya had a fab time away and thats all that matters, welcome back hun


Cambridge Consultant
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Good to have you back...... I was only thinking about you yesterday thinking I hadnt seen you on here for a long time. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. loving your pics, you look fab.....your so brave to with your nude pic... well done you!!!
That weight will be back of in no time why dont you go back to 1000 step... and then you can have your fruit etc.. I think it will proabably be hard for you to go back to ss now..
Keep smiling hon you look great xxx


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you look great in the photos and 6.5 weight gain isn't too bad considering you have beeb off plan on hols and had a great time, it will be gone again in no time


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks to everyone who says I'm brave! :eek: But I feel I owe it to you other CDers to show you my body properly, warts and all - it's the only way to illustrate the real effects of the diet imho. (Let's face it, we're all interested in what we look like in the nude! :)) And I think that people need to see that I too have saggy bits, as it might make them feel better. (There was a very good reason why I was lifting my arms in the air, lol! :D)

Perhaps I'm not really brave, just shameless!

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