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Back from my procedure at the hospital!


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Poor you Ruth! You have my sympathy girlie, I'm suffering from gallstones at the moment and I've yet to find out what they are going to do about it. I'm off for my ultrasound tomorrow just so they can confirm how bad the stones are and depending on how that turns out I'm heading for either the sonic wave thingy or surgery. I'm hoping for the sonic thingy purely so I don't have to come of CD.


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From what I've read, the sonic wave procedure isn't always succesful, although I can understand you not wanting to come off CD. My USS didn't even show stones, just sludge and an unhappy gallbladder, and I was in agony! I can only imagine the pain you must have with 'propper' stones!


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I'm seeing my (not so) fabulous GP on friday, and go from there really..... I think I'll need another USS and more blood tests and see what happens.
I may ask to try the sonic wave first purely so I can pospone the chance of an op for as long as possible. If it works it will be a bonus, mind you if I get a major flare up again like I had last time I'm likely to beg for them to whip my gallbladder out!
awww honey that sounds really horrible. I hope you are feeling ok now. x


Must do it this time
Sending Big (((((((((hugs))))))))) To You Hun,hope You Not Feeling Too Poorly,
Elaine X
Oh my goodness, you really are going through the wars the last while Ruth (((hugs))) Not sure what the treatment is, but I hope you make a good recovery


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not nice endoscopy . i had it last year and i too have sludge and bilary sand in my gall bladder ..... however it has settled down and not bothered me since . they dont often whip it out uness stones present or its giving you real hell. all the best . but they never tell you much .... im a nurse in the nhs and had hysterectomy in january . went on computer today and found my histology report and they removed a tumor amongst other bits in the uterus and no one has said anything to me . although reports do state no malignancies (phew !!) too much too deal with at 36 !! hope your feeling better soon honey . if they do any more procedures like that demand to be heavily sedated .


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:flowers:Ruth and KellyMundy

Hope that you both get sorted out soon you poor things, it all sounds awful to me and I can't imagine how you can stand the pain, I'd be crying like a baby.

My Mum had one of those scope things down her throat, I told her to ask to be knocked out first but she didn't, and she still has nightmares about it because she was panicking so much that a nurse held her down which made it even worse. I can't imagine what that must be like.

MommySue- make sure you kick some ass when you have your appt soon. You must have been in shock reading about a tumour that you didn't even know about.

Everyone, get well soon xxx


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Hope you are feeling better Ruth! Hugs!


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Sorry to hear your having such a bad time recently - just keep positive.
I hope they do something to help - seems to me a lot of people have to go through all sorts of intrusive procedures just to be diagnosed with something and then nothing to be done about it!! Madness.
Sending you positive thoughts and vibes.
i had my gallbladder removed few months ago,had it done by keyhole,totally recovered after 2weeks.id ask to get it out if i were you..!:D

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