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Back in the happy place....

:)Hello, just restarted LL having lost loads in 2004/05 and put some back on... took the plunge this week and restarted.

Already back in that happy place, feeling good and light and like I'm on the way back to where I want to be...

I think this forum might help hugely in the sticky moments though!

Nicky xx
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Morning, definitely back in that happy place again!
Today is day 5, and yesterday the ENERGY kicked in. Had a very domestic day and tackled jobs I'd been putting off with great gusto, worked from 8 til about 5 almost non-stop going up and down 3 floors lugging stuff.
Isn't it bliss??
Also not hungry now, so I guess I must be in that blissful ketosis state, mouth feels like the parrots cage again so a sure sign...
Not weighing in til Saturday, so I'm hoping for a boost for a first weigh in.
There is no set returners group as the counsellor found that no-one turned up for them, so she just has drop in sessions for everyone on a Saturday. She has given me the new book, along with the returners brochure which is all new since I last did it - think it would be good to make contact with others going through the same process but I guess this website is great for that.
Thanks for your messages, how are you all doing???
Geri, I remember you from first time around (I'm NickNick and we met once at the bar in Picadilly?)
For now, Happy Monday!
Note to self - be careful who you tell! So far I've only told one person at work, a lovely young man who we joke is my son, and my boss is his dad - all purely because we are old enough to be his parents! (and I'm only 43...;)).

This morning, someone commented on how much water I'm drinking, and another person here who remembers me doing this last time round asked if I was doing 'that' diet again. Luckily it was only the 3 of us here so far, and I said yes, I was then asked how much water I drink - 4 litres minimum I said. Then I got a tirade about how dangerous that was my brain could drown if I go up to 5 litres and how I should stop straight away and don't I end up peeing all night etc etc etc. To be honest I just wasn't in the mood to defend myself, and let them go on, all I said was that 4 litres is perfectly safe. The person who remembers me doing this before said some great things about how amazing my journey was last time, how fab I looked (so what about now???) and how skinny (size 10) I was.

So, day 6 in my retraced path, evenings are getting tricky so have taken up knitting!!! What an OLD lady!! But it keeps me concentrating, my fingers can't pick and I can't get bored and go to the kitchen....

Do confess to jumping on the scales this morning, shows and 8lb loss so far, but of course I know the first week is barmy and hopefully will settle down to an avg 4lb/week... heres hoping!


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Ahh Nick Nick,
course I remember you from the meet and your posts on the dh board:)

Spose it was only a matter of time before they noticed at work, well done for not letting the comments get to you too much!

Happy knitting - what you making?

Well done too for getting to day 6, woo hoo :D
OK - 1 week completed now and according to my scales this morning 10lbs lost in first 7 days - happy with that! :)

So, one week under my (shrinking) belt, I'm making my mind up as I go along how long I'm going to do this for. My first goal is a month, then I may take a week off (like Cambridge) as I start my 6 weeks off and have a huge amount happening in week one, but then 5 weeks of pure me-time. So I may do another 2 months, but I am not daunting myself by thinking I have months ahead of me! 3 months should be plenty to get me where I want to be.

Hi Geri - one of the ladys in my office is expecting in December, so I'm knitting baby things and stuff for her - small things that are intricate and I need to concentrate! Might get adventurous and knit myself something gorgeous, I'm off to Libertys to their amazing knitting dept - if anyone likes knitting, go to Libertys - the people there are SO knowledgeable and gorgeous (but pricy) books and wools/cottons.

2 litres gone so far....

Official weigh in this morning, and lost 11lbs in a week and a day.

So here's to week 2....

Feeling a bit queasy today, very unlike me so spending the day engulfed in housework and gardening. Gentle stuff but with a satisfying result!

Today is Day 15. Still doing well, weigh in not til Sat so will find out then, but my home scales seem to have slowed. I'm putting this down to internal blockage (!) and being pre-menstrual. Hopefully by Saturday all will be well!

Hope any other returners out there are still keeping it up??

:)Daisy x
Day 23 and still hanging on in there - official weigh tomorrow, but by home scales, it is 1stone 3lbs off. Fab.

Had a very interesting call with a (male) friend last night, he's coming over this weekend so I told him that I was on LL again, and his reply was "what makes you think it'll stay off this time when it didn't all before?". Hmmmm. He is a very 'black and white' person, very factual. I was flummoxed as to what to reply, and just said that I'd do mgmt properly, I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay on it, could be a couple more weeks or months and I was taking it as it comes.

But he was right, what does make me think I'll keep it all off this time? Have I thought ahead to what I'll do differently? There is no change in any of my personal circumstances this time when I finish to last time so why would I not go back to old ways. I think I just realise how precious being slim(mer) is to me, and how depressed I got when I got bigger again - I have all my gorgeous clothes ready and waiting for me to get back into, which is also a huge driver.

So I'm glad he said this, it has given me a shock and more time to think about how I'm going to behave differently when I get to where I want to be. Can't remember the statistic, but isn't it about 95% of people who lose weight put it all or some of it back on in the first 2 or 3 years???

Also, one of my drivers for losing this weight is that he and I are off to San Francisco in November for a holiday... maybe every girl should have such a straight talking friend! No-one else has EVER said anything like that to me before, bit of a wake-up!

Happy (WET AND GREY) Friday everyone!
Daisy x


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Oh my Nicky,
day 23 already :p

You're right sometimes someone says something and it's a wake up call for us... least it's given you something to think about, and make changes where necs.. ie following the management programme..and making a promise to yourself that once you're able to fit into all those lovely clothes again, you won't ever let them get too small again ;)

Keep shaking hun,
you're doing great :D


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Hi Daisy,

Well done and don't let anyone get you down.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.:)

Love Mini xxx
Hi Daisy,

Well done and don't let anyone get you down.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for my Daisy!

Weigh in was 5lbs, so better than last weeks! So in total 1st 5lbs since I began.

I picked up the management book from my counsellor yesterday, the books are SO much better now than they were last time around - so that'll give me some food for thought over the coming weeks or however long I'm going to do this for.

Clothes all looser now, so a spur to carry on but I hate being so cold again. Last night I went to bed in winter pyjamas, bedsocks and 2 extra throws on the bed - sexy huh?:eek:

At least it's not raining here today (yet) so I'll manage to get to the allotment - of course I'm giving it all away at the moment, my old buddy will go home with some gorgeous beetroot and chard today.

Day 25 today, can't believe where the time's gone!

Daisy x
Now I have a month of abstinence under my belt. I think this week will be another slow loss, but I'll find out for sure tomorrow when I see my counsellor.

I 'break up' today, for 6 weeks off, for the first time in my working life I asked if I could have some time off (hoping for another HOT summer - HUH!), and my lovely bosses said yes so I'm very much on the countdown to the end of the day and my freedom.

I'm now about 1 & 1/2 stone off, and feeling so much better, down a size with more clothes to wear, and thinking of doing the kind of CD 'add-a-meal' next week, partly because I have SO much stuff happening next week it would make life easier, and also perhaps in an effort to boost my loss a bit.

Happy Friday!
Daisy x
Thanks Fitter at 51 (good name!)

I've actually decided to not do LL during my summer off, there are so many things that I'll be doing, and it is SUCH a pain having to go to the loo every 30 mins, and to a certain extent plan my day around this. My summer off is mainly to chill out and just have a major dose of me time and get me back to being a happy bod. Destress in a big way.

So I made the decision that LL is so much easier to do when I'm in the routine of working, with the regular timing etc.

For example today I went to France for the day, driving which would have been so much more stressful if I'd needed to find a loo all day! This was at the back of my mind when I started, I didn't know how long I'd do it for, so will be back in September....

AND the sunshine has finally arrived - there truly is a God!!
Daisy xxx

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