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Back in the Pink


Hubby and I are going to a wedding on Saturday. I contemplated making an excuse and not going in the daytime and just in the evening which would be easier to cope with....BUT....I didn't want to miss my friends wedding cause I'm on a diet.

The menu was to be...

Soup or melon or prawn cocktail

Fish & chips or Steak pie or chicken stuffed with haggis

Sticky toffee pudding or apple pie or cheese & biscuits

I've arranged for hubby and I to have chicken salad in stead for main course. I was thinking if we chose melon to start or would soup be better?? and resist the dessert....If I can.

Do you think this will be ok? What would melon do to ketosis? I think people would notice if we didn't have starters but plenty people resist dessert so that should be ok.....

plus...would one glass of wine knock me out of ketosis? (I'd really like to have one!!:p )

Or am I just looking for ways to cheat and have an excuse??

Any advice or tips welcome....Anyone else had a wedding? How did you cope?
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Forgot to say...We're on 790 so hopefully the chicken salad will just be our usual 790 meal.... I'll just pick out the salad veg that we're not allowed!!
I'd say try and resist if you possibly can, it's so much harder getting back to SS after (so speaks the voice of experience who ate at a party on LL and stopped altogether a week later). I'm assuming it's a sit down meal which is hard, I had a family party, and my boys baptism recpetion at the weekend which was a buffet in both cases so I just flitted about and managed not to eat.

Hope you find a solution :) Sorry i'm not much help
I can imagine. I'd probably just have the chicken salad and eat it really, really, really slowly lol.

I'm really liking the idea of having fish & chips at a wedding, we had some poncy chicken affair at ours. When i've convinced DH he wants to marry me again so I can wear a skinny dress, I think we'll have Harry Ramsden do the catering :D
lol.....I'm liking the idea too...that's the problem!!

I keep saying to hubby I wasn't to get married again once I'm at target cause I never managed to lose much weight for our wedding...He'd need a new kilt too! It's getting too big for him!! Don't want it falling down round his ankles ;)
I've decided on a strategy to survive this weekends wedding

After some thought and discussion with little sis who knows a bit about VLCD's.

I know already that when I drink wine I want to eat. It was my downfall before CD. As soon as I've had half a glass willpower goes out the window and I eat everything in sight... So I know fine that if I have a glass of wine with my meal I'll end up having the sticky toffee pudding too! I seem to have an association with drinking wine and food together. I know I'm less tempted by wine if there's no food around too.

Believe it or not, The food isn't the problem here as I've already sorted that out and arranged to have chicken salad which should be fine for 790. I just really wanted a glass of wine on my friends wedding day.


I shall have sparkling water with my meal. That will stop me having the dessert. I'll fancy some but will be able to resist. I shall also keep my peanut bar in my bag for emergencies as I just love those. But what I AM going to do is 'if' I fancy it I will have a vodka with zero coke after the meal as I'm told that will be the best thing to have to minimise coming out of ketosis.

I think once the meal is over I actually wont even want any alcohol...but I'm playing mind games with myself and saying I can have it if I want it but there are conditions attached.

Anyway, I just hope it all goes according to plan. I've had nights out while on CD and have behaved myself. I knew before I started that this one event was going to be the most difficult.

ps Does anyone know if having the melon or even just a bit of it to start will affect ketosis?? It seems innocent but...

Or what excuses can I give for not having any? I don't want us to stick out like a sore thumb.
Hi..Well the wedding is tomorrow... I'm panicking a bit now. I feel like this is going to be the end..maybe not of the diet, but of this honeymoon period we've been having. Hubby and I have really been getting on so well with CD and I'm really happy with our weight loss. Until now we've both found this incredibly easy (90% of the time anyway). The other 10% we just somehow struggle through.

I just know I'm going to find tomorrow difficult....even a friend who knows we're on CD said I hope we're going to have a few glasses of bubbly together...Can I resist? Only that one friend plus the bride knows we're on CD.

I've got my outfit ready (one I couldn't get into 6 weeks ago) corsage made, haircut today. I'm all set. I should be looking forward to it but I'm dreading it!

What do others do in this situation?? I just don't want this to spoil my diet....I've already weakened today......not in too bad a way but I had 2 cambridge bars. Still only 3 packs but I know you're only supposed to be allowed one bar. I've done this before when feeling like I NEED something and it didn't affect me..Just got me through a sticky bit.

Tiara I think you've hit the nail on the head, Its the flipping alcohol thats bothering you!! LOL I've just read your whole thread and I understand how your feeling. If your anything like me, one drink will lead to fooooodddddddd. You have done really well so far. Why dont you tell people you cant drink as your on antibiotics(Ok I know its a fib,but only a little one,and it'll get people off your back!) As far as the food goes you've done really well organizing the chicken salad, and as you said if you have the alcohol you could may well have the sticky toffee pudding!! Enjoy the wedding and start to think how good you will feel when you wake up in the morning and you dont feel guilty!

Nikki x
Thanks Nikki,

The last few days, I've been just trying to work out how to cope with it but tonight I'm in a bit of a state about it. I just want to lose weight SOOO much!

I think I will say I'm on antibiotics..That takes the pressure off...I actually don't even want to go now...I'd rather just stick with the diet. I have to go for my friend though.


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Good plan...

Hey hun,

I think telling people you're on antibiotics is the best thing as well. Don't wish you weren't going but focus on the fact that you are going not to eat and drink but to celebrate what will hopefully be the most special day in your friends life!

I honestly think (myself included) that we often focus too much on the importance of food at social functions, and forget why it is that they exist in the first place- a wedding dinner is there to give everyone a chance to share in the happy couples day, just like a family meal is there to spend time with your loved ones- not to get your favourite naughty meal that you wouldnt normally allow yourself at home...

Anyway hope that makes sense. I really hope you can be positive about tomorrow and not dread it, as that would be such a shame

Love N xxx
I know its hard but make that decision now not to be naughty. I've been there myself in the last seven weeks. My hubby and me went up to london to see a show and as a a surprise he'd booked us into a hotel to stay over. He didnt tell me until just before the show. I said no Iwant to go straight home. I knew that if I stayed it would include alcohol and I know that I'm not strong enough to drinkand not eat. He was ok and understood that I just want to lose this BL***Y weight once and for all! We went for our meal before the show as arranged and I had a chicken salad and it had a bit of dressing on it (and a bit of cheese!!LOL) but I thoroughly enjoyed it and drank sparkling water.
I cant tell you how proud I was of myself and you can do it too.
Good luck

Nikki x
I know you're both right. I WILL be strong..I'll try anyway.

NIKKI, you're SO good turning down your night away. I couldn't have done that!!

I think I'll be fine if the chicken salad IS just chicken and salad....Who knows what will be on the plate though...everyone's interpretation of chicken salad is different and there could be dressings and coleslaw., baked potato or even chips!! I suppose I'll just have to cope the best I can.

And you're right Wannabeslim...the meal is for nourishment...I'm there to see my friend get married. I will toast the happy couple with my sparkling water!

I'll let you know on Sunday how it goes..



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Try to forget about the meal part of the wedding. You are going to see friends (family??) and they'll be pleased to see you. I'd say stay away from the melon ... if it kicks you out of ketosis it isn't worth it. Enjoy your chicken salad and sparkling water .... and dance the night away! Then no-one will notice you are not drinking, you'll need to drink more water and next day you'll have stayed in ketosis, stayed on the diet and be so pleased with yourself.

Enjoy the wedding ... and the fact you can get into that outfit you couldn't before!
Thanks Beverley. I think I just needed to be told to behave! I feel a bit better about it now. I knew about the wedding before I started CD and it been at the back of my mind and I knew this was going to be difficult for me. I don't want this to be the end of the diet though...Lets hope everything goes smoothly and I was worrying about nothing.
:eek: So I WAS naughty. Hubby too!! I'm telling on him!!

When we went in to the wedding reception I was handed a glass of champagne...didn't want to be rude so I sipped that...meal time...I had the melon, which was lovely...I've been craving fruit so I really enjoyed it. The chicken salad was lovely too...Only thing was the salad was drenched in olive oil and there were new potatoes on the plate.....so of course we ate it all!!....Then there was the cheese and biscuits! oh and a couple more glasses of wine...By the time the evening buffet came round, we thought we might as well indulge ourselves!!

Ok I've got that off my chest now.... But....I don't actually feel that guilty. We had a lovely time and it was a naughty but nice break from CD.

We always knew that it we DID cheat at the wedding we'd be straight back on CD the next day. So we have been perfect today. Plenty water and 790 to the letter. We even had a very chilly walk down the beach. I feel ok which is great as I thought I'd feel rotten today. Maybe the punishment is still to come!

I actually find this experience reassuring as it now means that if we NEED to we can have a planned break...I'm certainly not planning it yet though. Hubby has a social occasion in May which involves a meal so he will have a CD break then, although he'll more than likely be close to target by then. I can't think of any occasion that I have coming up that I can't work around so I'm still 100% motivated I'm glad to say!!

I can also see how some people would find it hard to get back on CD after a break, especially while SSing. I think this is where being on 790 plan helps me.
Hi, sounds like you handled it well. I always think you do what you can, and if you enjoyed your day and you're back on it straight away, good for you. It's nice to hear a positive mental attitude, well done you!
And keep going, from another 790 fan xx

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