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Back on Day 1, off I go.....


Guess whos back...
Well its been a while eh!
5 months since i lost over 5 stone on CD. Since then i have moved to the other side of the world and fallen back into eating all the crap under the sun :( and regained about 3 stone (so still on 2 stone profit! lol)

BUT, all is not lost for today i head off once more onto what is the water-fueled highway commonly known as Sole-Sourcing!

So heres to week one, when i shall fill you in on my struggling into that first few days of headaches, tiredness, being an irratable ba****d and generally wondering why in the hell we do this...... to of course coming out of the other side a new fresh human being! (or well thats the plan of course!)

Theres not really a community of VLCDs here in New Zealand, so i shall stay here with my friends and together we can converse through a bloody long fibre optic cable under the pacific! Ah isnt technology great eh!
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Guess whos back...
Ok so i have put this off for 5-6 days! (naughty already but i wanted to finish up all the food in cupboards to avoid later temptations!) i had planned on starting again wednesday but its now sunday and all the food is gone!

I had my last meal of fish at 1pm, followed by choccy ice-cream! (sorry shouldnt mention food! Arghh)
But thats it (Gulp) its all gone now, the fridge is stark, the cupboards are bare, the oven is now a lonely looking beast of destitute metal (ok i am making this up, but hell it sounds good). I also had one final pint of Diet Coke (yup i had got back hooked on that junk sadly too) and washed out the bottle ready to fill with water.

That was about 3-4 hours ago, and I now sit here alone with my thoughts and a 3 litre bottle of finest kiwi tap-water. I had forgotten the feeling of downing water after water, it came naturally last time on CD, but this afternoon it feels alien, water and more water. Ah well at least the sun as out on this fine spring afternoon.
I am trying to remember what the shakes taste like, and if they will taste crap for the first week or so, i remember last time i had got to actual enjoy them by time i had lived on them for months, but right now the idea of no steak tonight and only a diet shake (well i make a mousse probably) is starting to hit home, that age old feeling of "maybe i should order a takeaway and start dieting tomorrow!" :mad: Arghh no go away silly thoughts! Be gone....

Anyway i have to go sort through the rental properties cupboards and find a suitable bowl and test the electric whisk out in a bit, ready for making my dinner of 2 packs, with many months of many more!

Ah its good to be back in a strange way!


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lee , i'm on day 4 today , yes my first 2 days were awful my head was the head from hell , its a restart for me too . Hoping to have this done by xmas , yes we can all live in hope hehe . What a lovely place to move to . Unsure of the time there now ? I hear you , when you say nice steak and think about starting another day ... just go for it , that 3 stone will be off by xmas . How much are the CD shakes there , think you get 28 a week ?
Good luck Prof

I am also a restarter and now on day 3 BUT before I had my first pack on Friday morning I also had all the same thoughts as you - specifically ' will I hate the packs?' - good news is that I don't! Also the water drinking has become natural again as I have felt so thirsty I have actually wanted it. In fact I have had to cut myself off from the tap at 7 pm each night in order to have an undisturbed nights sleep.

Ketosis kicked in 36 hours from start time and no headache - which I am sure is due to the water.

So - - all the best - - I am sure you will feel like you never stopp SS once you get back into it - and you know what? your last sentence was accurate ( for me anyway) it IS good to be back!
Just dropping in to say Good Luck Lee - loved your post and look forward to hearing more from you



Queen of the Damned
Yo Prof, good to see you back and knocking back the water :cool: Good luck mate - you know how fantastic this works for you when you work it, and I'm behind ya yelling all the way!! ;)
Good luck Lee!
After a squillion restarts / false starts I'm (so far) sticking to those narrow CD rails. I'm about to start my third week and am in that old familiar zone.

Be bloody minded about it because restarts aren't easy - stick at it like Britney Spears at a Burberry sale and you'll be fine. It's just a matter of getting your head out of one zone and back into another.

You can do it!!


Guess whos back...
Been about 36 hours since i last ate..
Went to bed last night after getting through 3 litres of water in 4 hours.

Today feeling totally crap, heads spinning, feel so tired it hurts right now, first day at work on the diet as well, been hard work trying to focus on work and climb ladders when i felt so crap and pooped :( And drinking and running to loo gets some funny looks too. And of course the boss saying i dont look well and clearly this "diet" isnt safe and i should stop it at once. /sigh

But i am just home now from work and had my days worth of packs, seem to have got back into the taste already, like i never stopped living on them! I have already got through about 3 litres water so far today, i am sat here with a full 2 litre bottle which i plan to drink before bed later.

As i feeling so crap, i am about to retire under my duvet with my bottle of water and put some DVDs on, although head and eyes ache so much not sure i can keep eyes open on screen!

Ah well, regardless of feeling s**t i have been good, not been tempted at all, not too hungry yet (a little but mind over matter eh) So heres to my gallon of water and a DVD.

Hoping tommorow i start feeling better, although i strongly suspect another day of feeling like death-in-a-microwave!

Roll on Ketosis and the end of the withdrawal stage..... :cry:


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lee
About 2 days of bad head you get and day 3 its like recovery from them two bad days , whatch out with drinking water like that as i did that and yesterday well loo trouble , theres a post that mikes put up read it about the water . Watch out on drinking all that to soon . ok i'm off to sort kids out . Hope you feel better soon lee


Guess whos back...
Ah well, never could focus on the TV Screen, so the DVDs idea went out the window! lol
But listened to the radio for hours, and now about to hit the sack for good, tommorow is another day eh!

Missleo, thanks for advice, yes last time around i think day 3 i started to pick up and feel better, just right now another day or two of work feeling like this doesnt fill me with joy! lol
And the waters fine with me :) i suppose all our internal bits work different, i know last time i spent 5months on CD i averaged 5-6 litres a day of water, and sometimes 2-3 of that just in the evening, never had any problems at all, so hoping my body will again react the same.

Goodnight (well it is here, the joys of 12hr time-difference!)


Strong women stay slim
You are turning into a goldfish over night lol . I'm a secret Water drinker arrr water arrr water . Like the add for Lemonade AR Whites lol I'm trying give it up but its one of them nights AR Water lol As long as its all going great for you Lee . Not nice going to work with the head from hell cos all you want to do is lay down . Cos painkillers just don't work . OK Lee you are sound asleep now so happy days ahead for you !


Guess whos back...
Well felt worse this morning, so guilty of phoning in sick!
Spent most the day in bed watching dvds or listening to radio...
Head still aches, really cant stay off work again, think i nedd to go in whatever.

/sigh sometimes cooking up a big meal and feeling better seems the better option eh! :-(
Professot, I'm on my 2nd stint of SS and it is definitaley so much harder 2nd time around! I felt like a bag of sh1t until day 13, been fine since! - Keep goin!


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lee
Sorry to hear your still not well . But after you eat the big meal , how will you feel ? Hang in there .


Guess whos back...
Well i can answer that question missleo, as i fel so bad yesterday evening and couldnt afford another day off work (my work is my future in NZ, or visa could be cancelled) SO i afraid i made myself a big meal (yup it wasnt small either!) and i honestly felt great afterwards, and 24hrs later i still feel great on SS. Just that one meal seemed to kick the pain and withdrawal and now got me even more focused on SS. And i feel fine again.

So it may not work for everyone so i do not recommend it at all!! But its sorted my anquish out and allowed to do a good honest days work, it probably delayed me hitting ketosis big time, but sure on calories alone i should still be on a loss this week, if not theres always next.



Strong women stay slim
Hi Lee
They do say that men lose more than women .... I'm sure you will lose something , I did my weigh inn today i lost 7lb .. first week for a restart for me , i'm more postive this time and i feel better doing this than last time .. last time i could not cope with it , it was my head , I hope it stays that way !!!!! . So tell us all what you had for dinner ?

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