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Back on it!!!


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Well as of tomorrow anyway!! My aunty did some tests for me at hospital today and she has said im absolutely fine to start back on the shakes. I can't believe i'm so excited about it but i am haha. Not even bothered that i'll have to get back into ketosis! Who on earth starts a diet on Easter Sunday lol...but i've got 11 weeks to lose over 2 stone and i've already lost a few days due to my bloody stupid GP!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely easter egg FREE sunday whatever you are up to! :) xx
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You will be fine, you will do it!


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Evil easter eggs ...dont want one anyway lol

My mum in law has bought me one...ive told her to leave it at her house till im at goal and I might have some one day if it doesnt go off b4 then

congrats on your rejoin


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Evil easter eggs ...dont want one anyway lol

My mum in law has bought me one...ive told her to leave it at her house till im at goal and I might have some one day if it doesnt go off b4 then

congrats on your rejoin
Lol i've had to do the same thing! My best friend has bought me one, and a guy i've started seeing went completely over the top and bought me a 1kg Lindt Bunny, 2 small white choc lindt bunnies, a huge Thorntons egg and a Cadburys collection something or other egg. Every time i've seen him this week he has had something else with him! So now i'm going to have to give them away without him knowing lol x


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Why don't you melt them down and make them into cakes for him ?

Good luck back on the diet


I will be skinny again!!!
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awwww thats brilliant chick glad to hear it :)


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Happy to hear all is ok and you can get back on track so soon.
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such good news. youve only lost a few days so no biggie!!! glad to hear everythings ok!! xx


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yey!! Good news and great that you are back on our train :) x


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Great to hear you are in good health, and welcome back Lou. I'm sure you will catch up in no time at all xxx


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I can totally understand you being excited - and that's the best frame of mind to go into it with isn't it?

I hope today's gone well - I'm sure it has.

Extra well dones for not thinking you'd eat all those eggies before you restarted .... I might have been tempted but I'd have been sorry at adding all that time to the LT journey! x (This is actually exactly what I did - not with easter eggs - but I put on 7lbs between deciding to start and starting (only 3 days I might add!) - adding at least 2 weeks to my LT journey! :( It TOTALLY wasn't worth it!!!)


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I know the feeling my best mate has bought me an easter egg. Its sat looking at me!!!! Just can't bring myself to let the other half eat it. Ill only want some if he does!!!! Best to keep it untouched in its box i think.


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Awww thanks for the messages guys :D don't know where i'd be without this site! Today has gone fine...i have an absolutely splitting headache now but i don't know whether that is getting used to things again or the fact that i went on a 5 mile walk in the blazing sun earlier lol. Whatever it is..i'm downing the water to cure it :) xx


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Great news hun, good luck restarting :) x


Here we go again!
Welcome back Lou. Bet you're so glad to be back on this.

BTW, your new bloke sounds like a sweetheart with all the presssies, just tell him you'd prefer non-edibles for the foreseeable future. Bless.


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Can I ask what you honestly think of all these people buying you chocolate when they know what you are trying to do? Best friends in particular (new boyfriends could possibly be excused)? Would clothes vouchers, beauty vouchers or something not have been better and maybe a way of showing support? I only ask as last time I seriously lost weight my best mate of 18 years at the time was very supportive in theory but as i got thinner and fitter I realised she was trying to sabotage me. We finally had it out one night when she admitted she was used to defining her looks against mine and always saw me as a way to make herself look better and when she realised I was coming seriously close to being thinner than her.......


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To be honest i don't live at home in Manchester, i live in London at the moment so until i came back to visit a few days ago, nobody knew i was back on LT. My best friend has been on LT before and is going back on it in 4 weeks time with me when i move back home so she had no ulterior motive for it, she just likes buying presents for people and it wouldn't have ever crossed her mind i'd be back on Lipotrim lol.

I know exactly what you mean though, like you say your friend had always seen you as a way to make herself look better. I had exactly the same thing when i did this diet the first time round! She knew i was doing it and I lost 3 stone, but all the way through it she never once said anything positive, or even acknowledged that i'd lost weight. She began to get very jealous and childish and due to that the friendship ended and we've never spoken since! Unfortunately i'm experiencing a similar thing with my flatmate now...i've never had a problem talking to or attracting men and shes always been jealous of that..now i get even more attention shes becoming almost impossibly jealous and almost, i hate to say it, but an embarrassment by the way she behaves towards me when were out!

I have to say...it is not a nice thing to happen but i look at it as yet another good thing about this diet. It really does show you who your true friends are, the ones that give you support no matter what!xx

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