Back on Lipotrim for the Third Time :@

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by suzanne42, 28 December 2011.

  1. suzanne42

    suzanne42 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys
    I find myself back here for the third time this year :mad:- not good. I did so well last time i used Lipotrim but due to personal circumstances i lapsed and have ended up back to where i started ,plus 1 stone .
    Having just been shopping for something to wear for new years eve and found nothing so i'm more than a little p'd off :cry:
    Completely my own fault !
    I was going to wait till January 1st to start again but why put it off .
    Wish me luck guys :break_diet:
  2. kylemore

    kylemore Active Member

    Best of luck, im starting again too, lost 18lbs in november, stayed the same since, need to get back to 100%.
  3. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Welcome back Suzanne :) we can beat this :) ... I'm back for the 2nd stint this year ;)

    I started back on TFR yesterday and here's to a skinnier new year :D for us all x x x
  4. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    How's it going honey? X x x
  5. tina_b

    tina_b Well-Known Member

    Good luck you can do this! think of the end results :) x
  6. cherrygem

    cherrygem Well-Known Member

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