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  1. strawberrykisses

    strawberrykisses Full Member

    Hey everyone!

    So I reached goal about three weeks ago, then it was my birthday and my family have been over from South Africa, so I wanted to re-feed then anyway (it just so happens I reached my goal the week that I wanted to re-feed).

    I've NOT gained at all, in fact I lost 3lbs on the first week of re-feed and have maintained that weight since then.

    BUT, I'm not happy with myself at this weight. I still think I look enormous, and my stomach is still flabby and disgusting. I really want a washboard stomach :(

    Anyway, I've changed my goal and I'm going to go back on TFR starting tomorrow to lose about another stone (maybe not that much depending on how I look/feel) and get rid of a bit more weight. So just thought I would come back and say hi as you are all so inspiring and got me through some hard days while on TFR a few weeks ago!

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  3. strawberrykisses

    strawberrykisses Full Member

    Hoping this is going to work... if it does and you can see the picture, it is a picture of me taken on Saturday (17th October).

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  4. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    wow hun i think you look fantastic as you are but i know if you're not happy in yourself, other people saying you look fab won't make any difference.

    good luck with getting to your new'll have it off in no time x
  5. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    Where the hell are you going to lose another stone from??

    LT will not give you a washboard stomach! That comes from exercise and toning. To be truthfull i think you are silly for going back on TFR. You are doing great maintaining and i think you should aim to lose how ever much more you want to via a 'conventional' way.

    That said, you look fantastic! I am very jealous of your amazing legs! :giggle:
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Well done strawberrykisses !:happy096:

    You look absolutely fantastic!

    Love Mini xxx
  7. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    Wow you are gorgeous babe!!! i would love to see a before photos too...
    Depending on your height I would think aiming for the ten/ten and half stone goal is realistic, and it will also give you a bit of room for manouver.. well done on keeping it off and not going mad... you look fantasitic.. well done xxx
  8. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    You look lovely as you are. As you need to lose so little now, why not continue as you are and step up your exercise to tone up. Whatever route, lots of luck.
  9. Scamp

    Scamp Full Member

    Great pic, you look great WELL DONE YOU
  10. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Wow you look amazing. Im surprised they are letting you go back on tfr thou you dont look like you are anyway overweight. Well done for maintaining!
  11. strawberrykisses

    strawberrykisses Full Member

    Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone :)

    I know a few of you think I'm mad going back on TFR but I'm sticking to my guns and going with it. :eek: I'll keep you all updated though!

    I think someone asked what height I am... 5ft 6, and someone was curious about a before photo... I never really liked being in photos that showed my body but these are the best I can come up with...

    The first two are befores (full length was start of June, face was April) and the third one after (taken last week - to show the face difference)!!!

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  12. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Hey hun i was wondering your height too. Im 5'6 as well an my target is 9 stone so another stone off wont kill you hahaha!
  13. strawberrykisses

    strawberrykisses Full Member

    Thanks anne-mariep! I hope it won't kill me either haha! The lowest weight for our height in healthy range is 8st 5 I think? And I'm currently 10st 11 so I'm a long way off being underweight!

  14. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I tink its 8st10lbs as far as i know but you know every chart i see is different but i tink 8 st sounds tiny haha dats why im stopping at 9 an if i gain 5 lbs ill still be happy. I wont be happy at 10st i know i wont.
  15. Jayla09

    Jayla09 Member

    I reached my goal weight of 8st 10 a couple of years ago and i am 5'4 and everyone told me i was to thin and i looked gaunt and to boney. I think you look great as you are now , I am back on LT now because i gained two stone and i wanna lose it fast as i had three years of being a size ten and lost track of myself after xmas last year.

    Lipotrim is to severe a diet to put yourself through that for one more stone , you can lose that easily enough. I understand where you are coming from but maybe you should think about it a little more. You have really nice cheekbones and facial structure if you lose another stone your cheeks might start looking sunkin in looking if you get me?
  16. strawberrykisses

    strawberrykisses Full Member

    Anne-marie: I don't know if I will be happy at 10st either but I'll see!

    Jayla: Well done for maintaining a size ten for three years! Thank you for your concern but it's all about losing it as quickly as possible. I'm going on holiday in six weeks and know I will feel happier if I lose a bit more before then. I will stop before I look gaunt, I promise =) (plus doubt the pharmacy would let me go that far!)

    Thanks again for everyones comments!

  17. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    Oh, you look great! But, I know that it's all about how you feel about yourself, so us telling you that isn't going to help! You've done really well! & well done for losing more since coming off TFR!!

    Your washboard stomach is probably more exercise though? But good luck, missy! :)

  18. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    you have come a long way your befor and after pics are a true refletion of what you have acheved personaly i agree with most you look great now and the washboard stumac would only come with exersize situps 50 a day for 2 weeks you willl notice the difference
    another stone would make you look gauwnt to thin and un-healthy and make the loose skin more noticeable please try the exersize route first you look fantastic as you are now give it time for your head to catch up to your body to see you don't need to lose any more
    but good luck whatever you do

    debz x
  19. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    Hey, just noticed our starting weights are the same and i am the same height as you, so your photos are my inspiration babe.. im gonna have your figure before xmas... blimmin fab, i cant wait... :)
    Any time from now I get down or a weak moment im gonna look at your photos xxxx
  20. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    SK! You look stunnily gorgeous in your pictures! Wow! Such a big difference, you look blooming with health! Well done sweetie on your refeed loss! Amazing!

    It's so lovely to see you back! You do what you think is best to make yourself feel comfortable and happy! Hope uni is good and you're having a great time.

    Looking forward to your posts!

  21. mellywade

    mellywade Full Member

    Wow, I think you look amazing and well done for all your hard work on LT. Only YOU know how you feel at your current weight,and as long as you stay within the healthy weight range, you will be fine. Wish I was your height tho, I`m only 5"2!!

    Good luck for losing those last few pounds, you are truly an inspiration!! :)

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