back on monday after refeed.


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hi all and a happy new year i am starting back on Monday for another 2 to 3 months or till my goal after 3 weeks on refeed for xmas had a good 3 weeks been eating and drinking and only put on 1 lbs so far i just feel i see food in a different light now and feel a lot better for it the fridge is still full and i don't want any of it :D its the best thing i have done is to eat over xmas if i can control myself over xmas i can do it all year :D and years to come well i hope everyone had a good xmas and a happy new year and good luck to all the new starters it's the best thing you will do for yourself .
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Wow. Only putting on a pound and remaining in control over Christmas makes me feel better about refeeding. I have been quite worried about it until now. Welcome back BWB and good luck with the rest of LT.



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Well done.....wish I could say the same regarding wont have any problems when you start to refeed and maintain.

AGain, well done.


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st9lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 1st7lb(8.27%)
thanks all feel alot better for it and focused again for my goal and well done to those who stayed on it over xmas and Jon as long as u do the refeed properly u should not have much of a problem as i have found my attitude to food has changed and i think u will be the same good luck for when you do it .

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BWB, well done on only gaining a pound. Hats off to you!! I put on about 4lbs but like you I felt my attitude had changed and felt very happy about how I dealt with food. Yep, did have a few drinks too many and had sweets but I did it consciously and never lost control. For that I was proud of myself. Mind you, don't know how I will fare when I am managing my intake for periods longer than a couple of weeks!!
Anyway, lots of luck with your effort for the coming months.

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Well done and I wish I could say the same. I started back today after taking a break for crimbo. Getting weighed tomorrow. Am a little nervous, but looking forward to getting back on track.


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big welsh boy well done on your loses so far , youve done so well..and welcome back. 1lb over christmas,,is of luck starting over..:)


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Well done! thats great that your able to control yourself!

Good luck getting back into the swing of things!