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Back on Orlistat

Hello all,

I'm back on Orlistat again, after my old doctor decided 6 months ago I no longer needed them (at 21 stone) and I've slowly gained 2 stone back :( :(

Looking to post on here a bit more for encouragement, as I'm really struggling with the diet a 2nd time round.

When I was losing weight the first time I was driving a bus for a living, this helped greatly as i couldn't snack on junk as I was stuck behind the wheel on a bus! Lol. But now I've been promoted to an office job and am trying to resist temptation from a snack vending machine less than 30 foot from my office! :-/

Anyway, day one of Orlistat today so let's see how I go :)

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hey james welcome aboard and good luck with the journey. you will find lots of encouragement and support here :D

temptation is the worst and i have even given in from time to time but with the help and support on here i have only had minor slips
cheers people!!

First day back at work tomorrow.... gonna be fun ignoring that machine lol.

Hiya James , welcome and goodluck....

when you look at the vending machine just imagine blocks of lard, all that fat that will sit on your belly...not a good thought , but it works for me when I even go shopping!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi James, welcome on board!

Like booboo says, imagine the vending machine full of lard, have a look at the photo below, the second from the right is the fats in a chocolate bar!

We have a tuck box here too, but I'm lucky that I have to go down a flight of stairs and across a wing to get to it, so its easy to restrain from. Can you avoid taking small change into work so that you can't use the vending machine?

Good luck tomorrow!
Thanks for the advice people :)

I've resisted all day today.. But it's been hard! The water cooler is right next door to it! LOL

I'll be okay once I get past this first week, I remember it being soooo hard the first time around

Well done for resisting it........stay strong :)
personally i find the first week the easiest its once the cravings set in its hard :( well done on the resisting :D keep it up
Well hardly the dazzling first week loss I was hoping for, but I've lost a Kilo.... At least it is a loss!! LOL

WAHOOOO James thats fantastic news well done.....any loss is good.....keep up the good work :):)
hehe thanks very much! :)

Rachgleeson: Easier than expected!! Managed to avoid it so far!!

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