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Back on the Wagon? ME TOO!!!!

I got on the scales this morning and frigthened myself to death.... I've gained soooooooooo much weight. :(

I'm so cross with myself because I'd have reached goal by now if I'd stuck with it, but I've been messing around for months and months and you would not BELIEVE the amount of chocolate I've eaten in the past few weeks.

The result? I'm 20 pounds heavier than I was before Christmas :cry:

So I ran straight to the cupboard to check my stocks and found 6 dusty, out-of-date tetras and 8 in-date shakes. I'm now waiting for my CDC to come back to me with when she can see me.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cross!!!

So, back-on-the-wagon-ers... lets give ourselves a huge kick up the bum and get on with it!!!

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Hi Joolz,
Just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck on your restart.
Thanks Becky, I want to loose 139 pounds in total. I'm still kicking myself for putting myself back by 20 pounds!
sorry i should have looked at your ticker!im half asleep today. Look its done now all you can do is forget about it. no point annoying youself thinking about it. I could have at least another stone of now if i had not of bliped or went on holidays :mad: but look we will keep going and we will get there ok?
hello my fellow back on the wagon-er!!!! I know what you mean its so annoying to think how far you would be if everything had gone to plan! But life doesn't and so here we are. But consider yourself kicked up the bum and we can do it!!!!


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Hey lovelyjoolz, I'm back too and I bet i've eaten more than you in the last few weeks! ner ner :p lol

c'mon girl... let's both stop re-starting over and over *yes, also a serial re-starter!* and get on with it - it's soooooooooo hard but we can do it :) I don't know exactly how much I weigh cos my scales are broken but i'm in the original clothes I wore before starting the diet last year so know i've piled it all back on. I've found 10 days worth of shakes in my cupboard and am emailing my cdc tomorrow to meet up again.

We can do this!!!! :)
You're so right. This stop, start, stop, start, CAN'T be healthy for us! We just need to get it done and then get on with life!

I've got my birthday this week (eeek!) but I need to stay focussed because I'm off on holiday in 5 weeks (the holiday I started this diet for a year ago!) and I want to do the best I can between now and then!

Back in January (my last restart!) I was totally in awe of STBG who had stuck to 790 religiously, without cheating once, and was almost at goal after loosing 8 stone. I SOOOOOOOOOO wish I had her willpower!!!
Well, happy birthday in advance! It is hard and there are distractions but they are never going to go away-something that i am slowly learning!!!!!

Willpower is definitely something i wish i had more of too! I have my last uni exam tomorrow and so we are all meant to be going out celebrating and drinking lots. So i am going to have to resist the best i can!!! Like you said WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

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