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  1. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie, gold member of weight watchers but have slipped a bit recently...... Back on it now so will be posting my daily food diary, Weight watchers recipes and photos (when I am able to upload). I have lost two and a half stones in the past using weight watchers and I have every confidence it works, when you have the right mind set. I'm determined now to get back on track so here goes....

    Day 1 (10/08/2014)
    Breakfast - Small glass of almond milk 1pp, greek total yoghurt 0% fat 2pp, blueberries 0pp, 2tsp golden syrup 1pp - total 4pp

    Lunch - 2 egg omelette 4pp, free veg, frylite 1pp, slice of ham 1pp. Muller fat free yog 2pp - total 8pp

    Dinner - 2 asda Cumberland sausages 5pp, kale 0pp, mushy peas 2pp, onion gravy 2pp - total 9pp

    Snacks - Almond milk 1pp, frozen banana opp, grapes opp.

    DAILY TOTAL 22pp :)
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  3. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 2 - Breakfast

    This was totally yummy, quick and can be 'eaten' on the go....

    Smoothie - 250ml almond milk 1pp, 2tbs of chocolate PB2 1pp, frozen banana 0pp, three ice cubes 0pp, 2tbs porridge oats 2pp. Whiz and its done. Total 4pp and really filling.

    * PB2 is a powdered peanut butter substitute, in plain or chocolate and its only 1pp per 2tbs. Its really tasty in smoothies and loads less fat and propoints than the regular stuff. I get mine from Amazon.
  4. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    I've obviously too much time on my hands when I'm not at work! lol
    WW Spaghetti Carbonara for tea so I've used the egg whites to make meringues. Looking forward to these later...

    Recipe (I doubled it as I had 4 whites spare)

    2 egg whites
    2tsp lemon juice
    50g caster sugar
    50g icing sugar
    drop of vanilla essence

    Whisk whites and lemon juice till stiff peaks
    Add caster sugar a tbs at a time and whisk till glossy add vanilla extract too
    Then fold in icing sugar
    Divide into 8 nests and cook on baking sheet in 120 fan oven for an hour or a bit more
    open door and cool in oven
    Mine are cooking, gonna serve with fat free greek yog and strawberries for a low point pud :)
    * Each meringue is 1pp
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  5. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Rest of food for Day 2

    Elevenses- 2x Thins with ww spread 4pp

    Lunch -' free' thai style carrot salad (Grated carrot, dressing fish sauce and lime juice, one chilli, minced garlic and ginger and coriander)
    Sprinkled 25g salted peanuts on top 4pp

    Dinner - Going to make ww spaghetti carbonara 13pp served with rocket leaves

    Snack - One meringue 1pp and an apple

    Total daily points - 26pp

    extras.... Strawberries and grapes. Opp ( but taking note of EVERYTHING that I eat!)
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  6. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Feeling motivated but need to set myself some goals.

    First weigh in Saturday 16th August - to reach 10 stone
    Second weigh in Wednesday 27th (away the weekend) - to be 9st 12
    Third weigh in Wednesday 3rd Sept (back at work) - to be 9 st 10
    fourth weigh in Wednesday 10th Sept - to be 9 st 9
    fifth weigh in Wednesday 17th Sept - to be 9st 8
    Sixth weigh in Wednesday 24th Sept - to be 9 st 7
    Seventh weigh in Wednesday 1st Oct - to be 9 st 6
    Eighth weigh in Wednesday 8th Oct - to be 9 st 5 !!!! GOAL!!!! :clap: Birthday weekend to follow :birthday:
  7. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Treats I'm going to give myself.....

    * new books
    * lamy pen
    * new make up
    * order some stuff from Lush for pampering
    * highlights
    * shopping trip for some nice work bits

    Think that will do for now.... :D
  8. pommychic

    pommychic Full Member

    WAY TO GO! your food sounds yummy! You have inspired me to go and get some Almond Milk and also check out the peanut butter you mentioned about. I LOVE peanut butter! It's my kryptonite! But my god it's so high in...everything! Isn't it?

    Your stats are similar to mine with your birthday target three days after mine.... We can do this!!!
  9. pommychic

    pommychic Full Member

    By the way, looks like I am just over the Pennines from you...where in Yorkshire are you?
  10. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Hi , I'm in Leeds so not that far away at all. I love the pb2 in shakes its fab and so low in pro points (a bit expensive but it's worth it! I've used it to make chicken satay too :))

    I'm actually enjoying taking control back now and going to try different meals. Yey back on it! :)
  11. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 3

    milk -3pp today (run out of almond milk, boo hoo)

    breakfast - regular banana and pb2 smoothie 3pp

    lunch - crisp sandwiches. Discos 3pp and two thins 4pp, apple 0pp, muller lite yog 2pp

    tea - having this ww recipe later. Fish pie 9pp with squeaky beans 0pp, spinach 0pp, pud meringue (x2) 2pp

    Daily Total - 26pp
  12. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day four

    milk 3pp
    smoothie 3pp
    lunch with friends... Resisted wine guess on chicken wrap 10pp
    nakd choc bar 3pp (same as a curly wurly which would have been nicer!)
    Dinner -homemade chilli 10pp with Tilda rice (half a pack) 4pp
    snack - frozen banana

    7 over today but I figure this is ok because I was 4pp down on Sunday and there's always my the moment I'm debating a couple of glasses of vino after a stressful afternoon, so may be back to add those!
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  13. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 5 - Note I did drink wine yesterday!! So weeklies used so far now 17/49

    milk 3pp

    Breakie - Smoothie 3pp

    Mid morning snack - Mcvities breakfast bar 4pp (waste of points really)

    lunch - Cajun mushrooms (full punnet :) ) 0pp, muller lite 2pp with meringue 1pp

    Dinner - WW paella recipe adapted to add chorizo 14pp

    Snack - Frozen banana 0pp

    Daily total - 27 pp (Bought more almond milk for tomorrow yummy.) Weigh in Saturday morning.......
  14. pommychic

    pommychic Full Member

    Looks yum as usual! Good luck for weigh in tomorrow morning. it's moving day for me today so won't be around much for the next few days as super busy and also won't have broadband for a few days but will try and check in using my phone.
  15. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Thanks Pommychic. Good luck with the move. Gonna make Chicken Balti tonight and avoid wine!
  16. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 6

    almond milk 225ml - 1pp

    breakfast smoothie as always - 3pp

    lunch - mc Donald's grilled chicken wrap 9pp (avoided chips :) )

    dinner - takeaway - made a quick curry

    pataks madras paste 1/4 jar 6pp
    two chicken breasts 8pp
    tin of asda potatoes 6pp
    with chicken oxo
    drained tomatoes
    peppers and onion
    served three portions - 6.3pp per portion so I counted 6 as mine was a tad smaller ;) yummy tho

    served with half half a pack of lemon Tilda rice -4pp and a ww nan bread -3pp

    Daily total 26pp - no wine tonight as weigh in tomorrow. Will be glad to switch weigh in to wed eve so I can have drink Friday and Saturday because I miss a wine or two..... I've been good this week so fingers crossed it will show tomorrow.
    Last edited: 16 August 2014
  17. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Whoop! Down 1.5 lbs to 10st 2. It's not the 10 st I was dreaming of, but it's a decent loss for six days so I'm mot going to be too hard on myself. Not sure how to change my tracker/ signature thingy yet though....

    so..... It has started....

    Weigh in 1- 10st 2 :)
  18. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

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  19. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 7

    Almond milk -1pp

    Breakie - smoothie 3pp

    ww chocolate cereal bar 2pp

    lunch - thin 2pp, two laughing cow light 1pp, slice of ham 1pp, cucumber 0pp, muller fat free yog 2pp

    Dinner - salmon 6pp cooked in chilli, garlic, ginger soy and one teaspoon of honey 1pp, with steamed broccoli and pak Choi and Cajun roasted butternut squash all zero points, also half a packet of tilda sweet chilli rice (I'm addicted) 4pp.

    Daily total - 26pp
    out of my weeklies - two meringue 2pp and a bottle of red 18pp (which I may or may not drink all of tonight:) )
    so 20/49 used. Gonna make these weeklies last until weigh in Wednesday 27th August so need to be frugal. Want to see 10st or less on the scales!!!!!
  20. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 8 sunday

    breakie - almond milk 1 smoothie (just with milk, ice, banana and pb2) 1pp and ww cerial bar 2pp

    lunch - two slices of ham with laughing cow rolled up. 2pp (keeping it light due to big tea to come....)

    snacks - ww gummie bears 2pp

    dinner- homemade meat and potato pie with Guinness 14pp (I know, I know!) with mushy peas 2pp
    lindt choc with my coffee after -2pp

    daily total - 26

    * drank all red wine yesterday so none for tonight :( also ate a packet of discos, grrrrrr so 23/49 of my weeklies gone already.
  21. choccywoccydoodar

    choccywoccydoodar Full Member

    Day 9 Monday

    Disaster day... Nearly didn't come on to record it but..... Here I am. Tried to be good, honest

    breakfast - almond milk 1pp, smoothie made with banana, pb2 1pp and two ww cerial bars 4pp (6pp)

    mid morning snack- discos (3pp)

    lunch - went to beefeater and chose a halloumi salad ( lesson check before going if you can) 17pp!!!!!! I'm still not over it :cry::mad:

    Had two gins with slimline tonic -4pp but did just have coffee and no dessert ( 21pp)

    dinner- 120g cooked pasta 4pp served with free chunky veggie sauce. This was nice made with tinned tomatoes, peppers, courgette, onion and chilli and herbs n stuff. (4pp)

    daily total 34 pp so that's 26 dailies and 8 to take off my weeklies. Must be frugal now all week.

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