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Back on the Xenical


technologically ignorant
After 18 weeks on Lighter Life I have decided to get back to a higher calorie diet for a bit to give my body a rest from starvation mode. I've started doing Weight to Go (850kcals in theory but I am adding about 100kcals to that every day) and I've broken out my remaining stock of Xenical (from before LL). Some of the meals on WTG aren't high enough in fat to make it worth taking a Xenical whilst others are so I'm not on that many capsules a day.

I have lost really well on Xenical in the past and the last time I actually managed not to put the weight back (after a fall from size 26 to size 22) so I'm hoping that I really do mean it this time. I've lost over five and a half stone on LL and hope to drop the next couple of stone on Xenical before returning to a VLCD for the final push.

I haven't lost any weight in the first week but I think that is just my body adjusting from a very low calorie, very low carb diet. I didn't put anything on either so hopefully the weight will start to come off again next week.

Went for a colonic today and I turned the waste tube orange!
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gunna be a fatty for ever
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hey hun!! welcome back!

how u been getting on with real food then?

luv katie


Go on smile! =)
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Goodluck :D
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how you finding the switch? i wish you luck its not easy switching .. x


technologically ignorant
I found the actual switch fine as Weight to Go has shakes and bars in it as well as real food but after two weeks my constipation which was already really bad reached a point where I just couldn't cope anymore. :cry: I have become convinced that the main problem is the aspartame :yuk: in all the shakes and low cal drinks as I have noticed some problems with aspartame in the past. I have therefore decided that as of today I will be back on a completely home cooked real food diet (aiming for about 1,000 - 1,200 kcals a day), still with the Xenical. I have done this successfully in the past and have a set of calorie counted recipies ready to use but the problem is that I hate cooking and the longest I've ever done a diet this way is three months. I'm hoping that my bowels will return to normal in a few weeks and then I may go back on a VLCD but just avoid the shakes, the soups and some bars should be OK.

I am currently suffering really bad stomach cramps from all the laxatives (and the enema I had to resort to!) and I have really bad gas as I had ranked the fruit and salad up quite a lot in the later days of Weight to Go but I'm sure it will settle down in a few days.

I actually lost 4 lbs this last week after my first zero weigh-in last week so I'm feeling reasonably OK about things.

I have acquired quite a taste for protein shakes and today I found several soya based ones with no aspartame (in fact they are mostly sweetened with actual fruit and a bit of fructose) so I'm happy. I bought the blueberry one and it is only very mildly sweet which is a welcome relief after the aspartame aftertaste.

Thanks for all your best wishes - I find this site really helpful in keeping going. I haven't had many bad times on the diet so far but I am under quite a lot of stress at work at the moment and have an exam for my Masters degree coming up in October (not to mention the last assignment due in a couple of weeks) so I am a bit worried about having a wobble now I am not on the rigidity of Lighter Life. Now I'm over half way I rather feel that the next two stone (to get me down to being overweight) will be a bit like climbing a long, tedious skree slope just before you get to the summit of a mountain (memories of climbing the Old Man of Coniston in Cumbria - long time ago) but I just have to get through it any way I can.

I wonder if anyone else has problems with aspartame - I may start a Thread.

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