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Back on track and losing again!!!

Hi all

I have been posting a lot but never made my own thread, Ellie suggested I do my own so here goes.

I am now on my 3rd week having lost a stone in the first 2 weeks on lipotrim.

I have my ever supportive bf here this weekend who bless him has been ever so good - I am making him eat meat all weekend as I am vegetarian and that is the one thing that won't tempt me lol.

My bf has the opposite weight problem to me. He can't put any on! Blah blah he has tried it all, but he still can't gain any weight.
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Feeling a bit down as I took my bf to the airport. He is Dutch and lives in Holland but on the plus side we did talk about him moving over here which is really nice.

I have to say he has been ever so good this weekend, he hasn't eaten any chocolate or anything in front of me, keeping most of what he ate to meat which is good as I am vegetarian.

My next door neighbours invited us round for lunch and I was ever so good - I had nothing and Patrick had the full roast dinner. It was hard explaining why I wasnt eating but at least they know now so I won't need to explain again.

Really hope for a bigger weight loss this week as I have been ever so good and I only lost 3lbs last week.
Well done on the weight loss so far and abstaining from the food, it must be hard for you when your bf has to go home........Im sure he will notice the changes in your body shape whenever he gets over to see you though.
I see you say you ONLY lost 3lbs last week, that is amazing, weigh pout 3lbs worth of rice lets say, put it in a bag and carry it round for a while and you will realise just how much weight you have lost.
Dont for get the average loss per month is 1 stone so you are well on your way.

Good luck hun x
Thanks for your kind words Sonkie. I guess we get greedy and want to lose lots every week!

Well I went to see a CD counsellor today and have come back with a variety of shakes in DIFFERENT flavours. AND!!!! AND!!! Chocolate bars. I just ate a Cambridge chocolate bar. One word. Heaven. So glad I have moved to Cambridge as I would have gone mad on LT with only 4 flavours. I am also armed with Coke Zero. Flavour and tastes!

Incidentally if any moderators can do so, would someone mind moving my thread to the CD forum as I am now on CD not lipotrim?


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Hy Anna!

Just realised you had a thread! :DI am sorry I didn't post earlier! :eek:I am so absent minded sometimes...:rolleyes:

Your comment about your BF not being able to put on weight really made me laugh, because mine is the same! :rolleyes:I am obese, he is underweight :eek: And he eats for Britain! I say, this is so unfair :sigh:

Distant relationship is a b*tch, isn't it :( I had it last year when he was in the US and now he is in Birmingham :sigh: But talking about future plans really helps, doesn't it?:D

I didn't know you changed for CD. I so wish I could do a VLCD:( But it would be too dangerous at the mo :sigh:

I can picture us this summer, slim, in our BF's arms ;)

Hiya Ellie,

We will be slim for Summer lol. Why won't your doc let you do a VLCD?

Don't worry about not posting earlier - I only just started this and as for CD I got it yesterday so it is very new for me. I still have flavours I haven't tried yet lol. LT had 4 flavours.

It is funny about our BFs being so far away. At least he is nearer now though. We are lucky to both have found someone nice as well as surely a nice long distance bf is better than a horrible living with bf?


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Hi Spannerpan!

I can't do any VLCD because of ongoing health problems that I have had for as long as I can remember. And ironically, it is because of my weight that I can't do a VLCD. Once I am below a BMI of 30, my GP said that we would go through other possiblities, if I wanted to. But for the time being, it is healthy eating for me, and it works fine :D

You are right, it is better to have a long distance BF rather than a horrible one you see everyday! :p BUT I want to have it all and have him live with me :rolleyes: even if he can eat what he wants without piling on the weight :eek:

I won't be at my target weight this summer, but if I could be 3/4 stones lighter, it would change a lot for me. :)

I am glad to see that you are enjoying your diet and the many flavours of CD! It makes a huge difference when you are on a diet! You consider anything tasty as a treat :D

How old are you, if you don't mind my asking? I am just asking this to see if it is true that the younger you are, the faster you lose.:D I hope it is true :giggle:

I shall visit your diary everytime I go on Minimins now :D
Elie I am 31. At least part of the reason I am doing this is that my bf and me are getting serious and I am thinking BABIES! in the back of my mind. I have polycystic ovaries so that tends to make you more likely to put on weight and it also makes it harder to lose it. Additionally the fatter you get with PCOS the harder it is to get pregnant and the fatter you are the less likely you are to get help to get pregnant. So I want to get slim so that if we do start trying I can get fertility help if I need it and also to make it as likely as possible I can do it on my own. We will see. Though I can't say the idea of nice clothes and looking good in a bikini (swimming costume would do lol) isn't motivation as well though.

I do think probably younger people can lose it faster though yes.

Am a bit annoyed actually as I went to see my best friend last night and she didn't notice I had lost weight. Not many peeps seem to notice and I am wondering - how much weight do you need to shift before people see it? Am going to shop on Sat for a few new clothes so maybe with my new kit on people will notice?


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At least part of the reason I am doing this is that my bf and me are getting serious and I am thinking BABIES!
Well, this is a noble goal Spannerpan! I have PCOS too and I have to say I am thinking about it too :eek: although I don't want them now :p

I so wish I could do CD as well, it looks like such a great diet :sigh:. I will try to convince my GP :rolleyes:. I can at least try!;) But what happens at the end, once you have lost all the weight? Can you eat normally again without putting on weight? :confused: If I did CD, it would mean that I could be really slimmer on the beaches of tahiti, and swimming suit will do too!!!!:p
You can't just eat normally no.

When you get to BMI 25 or you are fed up of it you "step up" and have the shakes still but have a small meal. you stay doing that for a couple of weeks and then add a bit more and so on until you are on about 1500 cals a day. You need to always remember though that if you go back to eating how you did before you will regain the weight.

The other downside of CD is you can't do much exercise on it as your body quite simply does not have the energy reserves.

One possiblilty for you though if your doc won't let you do it as a VLCD (defined as less than 800 cals a day) is to follow the CD 1000 plan (they have different ones) and then you have the shakes and a small amount of food too. I think with the shakes it is easier to get all your vits etc within a low calorie allowance.


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Thanks Anna for all these precisitions!:D I should him very soon, so I will talk to him about this.

I have never felt so determined to achieve something before :D

And I am so happy I found this site! :D

It may sound pathetic, but I don't have any real good friend in the UK, and certainly not in Kent, so I never have anyone to talk too. On here, we all share the same goal and have the same dreams :D

Your 1st week lost was impressive by the way!!!! Is this your lost on LT?



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I have been in the UK for 3 years now :eek: but because I was moving every year, I couldn't have a long lasting friendship :sigh:

My BF is English :D

I wish I had a best friend with whom I could diet, but unfortunately, it is me on my own :rolleyes:

What am I saying "on my own" :whoopass:, I have all the lovely ladies from Minimins as support :D
Just had my Cambridge diet weigh in and have lost 11bs. I am very pleased with that but I don't really think I have lost all of that this week. First off I am now weighing in on CDC scales rather than the pharmacy scales so they more than likely are weighing me a bit lower and also I think I had lost more than 3lbs in week 2 but probably had a bit of water retention. Still I am going by my CDC scales from now on lol.


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Well done Anna!

Don't try to humble your successes! You deserve every lbs you lose hun :D

Weighed myself this morning and I have lost 4lbs. Went shopping and was a bit disheartened at first as I still can't fit into "normal" clothes ranges yet. Got a new jacket from Evans size 18 and wandered round feeling a bit sorry for myself. THEN I went to new look and (admittedly from the plus range) got a pair of trousers size 20 and 3 tops size 18. I feel a bit better now lol and my next aim over the next few months is to fit in the normal clothes ranges. Before I started I can remember crying in Asda as I tried on a pair of size 22 pants and they were too tight. As I was too stubborn I bought them anyway and the button broke on them. I hardly had any clothes as a result of not buying stuff as I didn't want to get big things. :cry:

So anyway made myself cheer up as I decided I can either feel depressed about not fitting into normal stuff or look forward to when I can by sticking to the diet :).


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Hi Anna!

Glad to see shopping made you happy :p

Ah the joy of fitting in smaller clothes...it must be so empowering:D



Back on the wagon!
Anna - well done you have made great progress already...imagine another 29llbs gone...thats another 2 full sizes down.....I went from 20/22 down to Size 12 after loosing 65lbs....

You can do it...keep going...you are doing great!!!


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:party0011:GO ANNA:party0011:


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Any news of the diet Anna? I hope everything is fine with you.:)

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