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Back on track but worried

Hi all, I dont know if this is the most appropriate place to say this but to keep myself on track today, I know I have to. Anyway, I broke my TFR on Day 13, and coincidentally it was the day after a date. We got on too well and spoke for 5 hours. Thing is, my head is all over the place since, he seems like a lovely guy but he told me alot of private stuff and I told him same, even about Lipo. Anyways he was fine with it but Im afraid if I start seeing this guy, Ill break it. Id decided to put my all into lipo and losing the weight but now with a guy on the scene Im afraid Ill go off the rails altogether.

I realise this sounds pathetic but I get very insecure with guys and if this one upsets me in any way, I know Ill reach for the biscuit tin. Should I forget about this guy, just keep going with my main priority for the moment which is lipo or risk seeing this guy, maybe for nothing and going off the rails again.

Im back on track today, this guy is texting me and we're supposed to meet tomorrow but already Ive been saying things to put him off. What do ye think, sado dilemma i know but should I prioritise myself and forget about guys for the mo. I dont think Im strong enough to start any new relationship and try to deal with my weight problems at same time. Any advice would be appreciated, I know Ive only met this guy but its like weve clicked already and to be honest, Im scared. As with food, I tend to get obsessive with guys also. Sad i know.
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This is a big decision you are wanting to make and I'm not sure anyone can really advise you - I suspect you know the answer somewhere in your head! What is your biggest need? If you are like me you want to meet someone who declares they "love you just as you are"! (I was lucky and did) but actually I didn't love big fat me and however long you postpone dealing with the weight problem, eventually you will want to deal with it regardless. Just don't leave as long as I have, until you're old and almost out of date!!!

If you have met someone who cares about you, they will care enough to encourage you to keep going and get the weight off for the sake of your health, apart from anything else. You must decide, but why not do both? The weight quickly and the relationship slowly!!

Good luck.


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Wow dilema indeed!

I do truly think that you and only you can make the decision of what to do regarding the guy.

I am luck to be married (second time round) to a wonderfully supportive man who is there for me so I know it's much easier to deal with my weight with him behind me, but as for starting on a new relationship it's a big step. Only you know how you feel about really seeing him again and if he is still texting you after you tried putting him off as you say then maybe just give it one more casual date and see how you feel.

The only thing is you can never be sure of is how long these last and if you feel that if it all went wrong you would fall off the plan then only you can answer that on hunni.

He might be the guy for you....be there and be someone to bounce off when you need it, seeing as he knows your on this plan then thats a good thing so maybe seeing him one more time to see how you feelwould be a positive.

Sending you the biggest hug ever sweetheart.

Elaine x x x
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I personally think that you should go for it with this guy, but obviously, you know yourself better! Ultimately, if you reach for food when things go wrong in a relationship, this will always be the case & if you don't try to tackle it now on LT, then it will still be there when you're eating again & you meet someone else! Why not use LT as a barrier between this emotional eating & an opportunity to recognise your behaviour & fight it?

Besides, there's nothing to say it will go wrong! & he may even help to boost your confidence, aiding your weightloss success! :)

Good luck!



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This is a good time not only to change your diet but the way you deal with your relationships, how about taken this guy one day at a time like the LT don't put obstickles in the ay that may never be there and enjoy yourself!!

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