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Back on track!! :D :D :D

yay, after a rough few weeks of eating absolute crap, im finally back on track.

ive been doing that thing were u keep saying, ohhh.. ill just eat it and start again tomorrow, or ill start again on monday etc etc, but this was happening day after day after day, got quite boring!

BUT.........yesterday i decided, enough is enough, as i have put 3lbs back ON :eek::eek:!! and i made myself a new target, how much i want to lose etc & i stuck to it. i ate sooo healthily yesterday and i even done my pilates dvd.
Its amazing how good you feel after just one day of doing it right.

so my new official weigh day is thursday, i am on 1500 calories a day including absolutely everything ( i didnt really count my tea, coffee, juice etc before).
i am going to exercise as much as possible, but no set regime, as im crap at sticking to those. lol.

week 1 - 10st 10lb
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Well done on making the committment.

And definitely count your drinks... fruit juice is often unbelieveably high in calories, smoothies is super high and those splashes of milk in tea and coffee all add up over the long term... 2 cups of tea a day with 15mls of semi-skimmed milk is 16cals a day, 112 cals a week and so on...really adds up!

All the best!


i really don't know life
YAY! :happy036:

well done for giving yourself a talking to before the 3lb turned into more! you're doing fine dani, just need to keep yourself motivated, and it sounds like you're in the right frame of mind to do just that.

welcome back ;)

oh oooo...............the sun is meant to be great but oh how it really does cause you to do bad things!!

got home from work, decided to have bbq, which then meant inviting friends, which then turned into buying snacks etc which then turned into BEER!!! arhhh wot to do...ive had 3 beers already, and i cant help but feel, wots the point. i give in soooooooooooo easy!! ive even eaten two apple crumble thingys by weightwathchers which is okay, but...there 90 cals each, and theres soo tiny, yet sooo yummy!!

i feel like ive let myself down good and proper. :(


is going all the way...
I wish I could magic away those calories for you. Its such a shame that we can't just relax and enjoy these lovely days, our friends, that buzzy feeling from a few beers...

But it's done, don't stress it, and don't beat yourself up over it. It may delay your reaching goal, but it won't stop you reaching your goal.

So good luck with getting back on track and I look forward to hearing all about it!

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