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Back ON Track!!! Zola's food diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by zola, 3 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. zola

    zola Member

    This has got to be THEE day!!!! :wave_cry:

    For the past two weeks (almost) I have been 'trying again' every day, to no avail....almost back to my complete binge head:cry:

    So this is it! A food diary is the way forward for me...I have kept one on paper before but maybe a change will do me good!!
    :17729:So I can have less of this and more of this......:candledinner:

    So today my plan is: (always a green day)

    breakfast: fruit and yogurt (free)
    snack: fresh fruit
    lunch: falafels and salad (recipe from mag) free
    snack: fresh fruit
    dinner: veg chilli (homemade) with brown basmati (cheese on top from hxb)
    snack: 2 squares lindt choc 70% (5 syns)
    and 1 small glass red wine (5 syns)

    HXA: milk in tea throughout day.

    And that is it!!!

    I have not been feeling well last few days so couldn't exercise. Today I feel a bit better and I'm hoping that after a day of eating well and resting I will be able to go a nice walk or something tomorrow.

    Oh well, better go and start making those falafels...can't wait to try them!!! :wave_cry:
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  3. sarahandmolly

    sarahandmolly Gold Member

    Looks good! Well done for getting back on it :clap: x
  4. zola

    zola Member

    Thanks for your support!
  5. zola

    zola Member

    :gen147: Oh well it didn't go to plan at all...

    well, actually it did.......!! until later on, after all my healthy eating throughout the day, I gorged on Chrisatmas 'treats'....so many syns I lost count and need to 'start again' today!!!!

    Never too late to try again....a GOOD FOOD day, that's what I need coz I'm sick of having a sugar hangover every day.....:sigh:

    I still haven't got out up properly today...so here is the plan:

    breakfast: fruit and yogurt
    snack: fresh fruit
    lunch: spiced rice and tofu salad
    snack: fresh fruit
    dinner: homemade veg pizza (hxa and 2 X hxb'S)
    snack: fresh fruit

    Hoping today is much better!! :wave_cry:

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