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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by Iwillbeslim2011, 25 June 2011 Social URL.

  1. Iwillbeslim2011

    Iwillbeslim2011 New Member

    Having completed this diet twice before, I have literally vowed to not go back on the same mistakes again.

    I'm now finally on Day 6. And am soo excited to hit 1 week tomorrow.

    I would like to use this thread to inspire others and post up my 'travels' as just another CD-dieter... feel free to comment and add your thoughts...
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  3. Iwillbeslim2011

    Iwillbeslim2011 New Member

    Day 6 down- and I feel good, a good few kilos lighter and focused on my goal of 58 kilos! Here I come! With nothing standing in my way!

    Inspirational quote 1:

    Do ALL that you can to achieve your goal.
    No one else is going to do it for you.
  4. Urbandiva

    Urbandiva New Member


    Hello Misswillbeslim! :) I too have the same target!! How muc h are you looking to lose? I have roughly 4 stone to go!! Or 23 kg! Wil be nice to have someone to talk to about it!! Starting ss tomorrow xx
  5. Ellie

    Ellie Full Member

    Start Weight:
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    Goal Weight:
    Cambridge SS
    Good luck, how did you get on at your first WI? :)

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