Back onto Cambridge today, after blood results have come back clear :D


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Hi everyone

some of you might remember that i had to come off cd for 3 weeks in total, because I was having really bad chest pains and the doctor thought I had a blood clot on the lung. Well, I can say that all the results have come back clear and I am seeing my CDC today at 12 to start my wonderful journey of SSing again. I think I've gained about 9lbs :eek: :eek: but I've been eating normally and have been having strong antbiotics and pain killers, I'm not worried about the gain, I'm more excited about starting.

I am not calling it a 'restart' or falling off the wagon as unfortunately, I was very ill and had to think of my health first, but now I am on the second part of my journey. I will let you know exactly how much I have gained!!

I think I might do SS+ with milk and see how I get on, I'm really excited and cant wait to do measurements in 4 weeks time. I've got loads of size 20 clothes that are too small still so that's my goal is to get into them.

I really want to lose 1 stone before Christmas Day and see 15 stone something on the scales :D that would make the best christmas prezzy :D

Thanks so much to all my wonderful freinds on here that I've made through my CD journey xxx
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Hi Lillypop - good to hear you are back again and feeling better and raring to go. I've lost the plot over the last 2 weeks, so maybe you can re-motivate me!

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Hi Lillypop - so glad you are back in fighting form for part 2. Good luck i know you can do a stone for crimbo no problem X :0)


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Welcome back Lillypop, must be such a relief to hear your test results are clear :)

1 stone by Christmas... no problem .. you can do it!!


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welcome back hun!


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hey lilly how are you doing? did u do your restart ok ? i just want to know as then it will help me undersatnd is it all in the mind about second time being hard ? xxxxxx


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
Hi night night, yes I have I am now onto my 2nd week, last week I lost 5lbs, I think a lot of it is about will power but keep focusing on the end result and you'll get there xxx