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Back pain.

My lower back is killing me. :cry:I have had it since yesterday and took 2 paracetamol which helped. Today I'm not out of bed yet and had to eat paracetamol again. I always had a bad back when nursing but since I stopped 4 yrs ago its been better.
Has anyone had this as a symptom of starting this diet? I'm on day 3 now. Want to get up and out the house to distract me.
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Hiya, I had that too - it was bad in the first week and then got better. I just kept really warm around my back & made sure I drank proper amounts of water. It took me 4 weeks to work up to 4 litres, but generally I drank around 3 litres a day (in small bits, naturally).

I wonder whether it's kidneys or something. But because I also have a very bad back, am not sure what it was. I still get the aches and pains in my lower back even now, but nothing as bad as in the first week.

However, one think I do have to say is that I'm kind of achey all over - I wonder whether it's the fat hurting LOL - seriously don't know what it is....but am in pain most of the time...
Thanks for the reply Neem. My old back pain comes back if I have a cold and get the aches, its one of the areas that always hurts. This is fairly painful like I have hurt it again. I'm in bed again and sitting up comfortably with a hot water bottle at my lower back. I hope it goes away soon I don't want to be in pain most of the time. Hope you get better too. xx
Oh man, woke up this morning in pain again. I should be taking strong painkillers for it as it is pretty bad now. Im sitting on the sofa with a hot water bottle at my back again and paracetamol hopefully starting to dull the pain. Its a lovely day here, I want to get out and about with the kids but I think i'm stuck inside not moving. Another loooonnngg day on lipotrim. Day 4 though! :) :)
Hiya Size10

You might have back pain because your constipated. When was the last time the good old bowels moved? I get a sore back if I'm constipated. But I take dulcolax from the pharmacy once a week and it does the trick. Try it out if you want or ask your pharmacist next time you see him. Hope this helps.
I did wonder as it feels like a constipated tummy pain but in my back and mainly at the left side. Good old bowels are slower than normal but pooped a bit today. I hope its something as easy to fix as that i'm going on tuesday for my weight it will only be day 6 but it fits in with work in future. However if its my grumbly back then I know it will pass. Its as bad as its been if i'm honest.
I never had any back pain and im on week 3 now.....
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I alawys have a bit of back pain and have done for years. I must admit it's not been anyworse since being on LT.

I tend to find a bit of VERY GENTLE excersise helps when mine is bad.

Hope you're still feeling better?
Hi Cleo and radical, Its definately on the mend it must have just been my old grumblyback playing up. Fab timing though..not. But I stuck to lipotrim 100% and its day 5 so i'm happy!! xx


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Well done for not giving in size 10, and i am glad your back is easing. x


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Glad you're feeling better size10. :0)