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Back to basics! Slim jim!


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Ok so I started about 5 weeks ago on SW and I have managed to loose 12lbs so far so really pleased but things have slowed down a touch and so I am going to do a food diary so you good people can give ,e some pointers!

I am generally doing the extra easy plan, this was new to me from previously doin SW several years ago but I really enjoy it and find it easy to follow. I am still a bit unclear at times but hopefully you peeps will be able to point out any wrong doing!

Ok so today
Breakky consisted on weetabix (heb) with skimmed milk (hea) and a coffee with skimmed milk (hea)

Mid morning - nectarine, coffee with skimmed milk (hea)

Lunch - tin of tuna, lettuce, onion, sweetcorn, tomato, cucumber with balsamic and black pepper! Was delishious! Followed this with an apple and muller light.

I got home from work a little early so had a mug shot.

Now preparing dinner, pork steak cooked in tinned chopped toms, worcester sauce, courgette, sweetcorn, green chilli, onion & paprika and a few boiled new potatoes.

Had a vanilla muller light with a kiwi fruit in too!

How does that look? Hopefully all ok?
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Ok so up bright and early with my son today, breakfast was a vanilla muller light with chopped up kiwi fruit in and a nectarine. Also had a couple of cups of coffee with skimmed milk from HEa.

Lunch - ok today I have had an apple, a nectarine and 3 boiled eggs with WM Pitta HEb.

Just called at the local fruit and veg shop! Love it here as I get way better produce and value for money than the supermarkets.

So after work I wnt the gym with the OH. Smashed an hour of cardio followed by a good 15 min in the jacuzzi! Lush!

Just got home and made tea, lettuce, spring onion, tomato, cucumber, new potato, peppers, ham and feta cheese with balsamic vinegar! Hit the spot! I need to syn the feta though! Might have muller light with some strawberries for dessert!

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I wish I could comment but I haven't ever tried an EE day (yet).

Though I did want to say, your meals look yummy :)

And, well done on your loss so far. I just hope I can do as well.x


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Today I was up and out of the house really early! 7am! Had a day long meeting in telford to attend! So breakfast was a muller light with chopped up strawberries in it. On the journey down I had an apple too.

Lunch was catered for us, buffet style. So I was selective and had a chicken breast, new potatoes, steamed carrots and green beans. It was very very good, however the problem arrived when they brought out dessert. Chocolate fudge cake or cheese cake. I feel bad but I just had to have the fudge cake! :( it was solo delicious! Bad bad bad haha

I travelled back up home and had a nectarine on route. When I got back I felt bad for the cake so went to the gym and did 45 min of CV. Dedicated that is for me, going on a Friday! Returned home and the OH had made me meatballs in tomato sauce with all sorts of free veg in it, served with some pasta. It was just what the Dr ordered. I had an alpen bar for dessert too (HEb)

Just chilling out now, baby is In Bed, he slept through last night too which is a bonus. 12 week old today! Ok I'm craving sweet things now, may have more strawberries with sweetener on!



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It's the weekend and I'm sat In a training room on a course all day! Gutted

Breakfast was a nectarine and an alpen bar. (HEb)this morning. Was up and out in a rush.

Lunch I have just had an apple, a nectarine, muller light and the other alpen bar for my HEb

When I am home from here we are hopefully weather permitting going to have a BBQ! Went the butchers the other day and stocked up on syn free sausage and burgers! So really looking forward to that! Hopefully have a few shandys too!


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Ok sunday went ok, I had a late breakfast / early lunch, omelette with ham, mushrooms and onion served with chopped tomatoes and beans! For tea I had bbq'd chicken with the skin taken off served with tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, mushroom and SW wedges.


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Today so far, had a quick breakfast which was a nectarine and an apple.

Lunch - crab sticks, fat free cottage cheese, fruit bowl and muller light!

Tea - lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onion, boiled eggs with chicken and bacon. Followed by a bag of rainbow drops! :) 7.5 syns

Had an hour at the gym and weighed in today. 1lb loss! Thought it would have been more to be honest! Never mind!
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Ok had a really busy week and didn't manage to update on here but I am back!

So yesterday morning I had 2 weetabix as HEb with a nectarine,
Lunch was a fruit salad (melon, orange, pineapple, grapes) with a small salad box from morrisons with cherry toms, cucumber and beetroot in!
Dinner was syn free meatballs from butcher, in chopped Tom sauce n loads of veg with a jacket.

Weighed in tonight too 3 and a half loss!! Celebrated with a raspberry creamcake and a curly wurly!!

Oh I also went the gym n ran 5k cycled 10k


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Right so today! how bloody miserable is the weather! Lashing it down!

Breakfast! 2 weetabix HEb with skimmed milk part HEa. Banana. Cup of coffee and skimmed milk part HEa.


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For lunch I have just had 2 nectarines and a small salad box with cherry toms, beetroot, spring onion, boiled egg and a spoon full of italian pasta! Was Delish!


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Ok my dinner was Syn free sausage from local butcher, SW chips, mushy peas and mushrooms! Soooo good going to have SF jelly with a muller light and chopped strawberries & grapes!!

Also played 5 a side footy tonight for an hour


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Ok, up bright and early with my wee man today! 6:25am! Ugh!

Breakfast - syn free sausage from last night that I saved, on 2 pieces of wholemeal bread 400g loaf HEb, tinned chopped tomatoes over the top! Was yum!

Lunch - I had pasta bows with chopped tomatoes, onions, courgette, mushroom, peppers. Had a muller light mango & passion fruit (0.5 syn) with a donut nectarine! Mmmmmmmm! Love these new muller lights!



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Dinner tonight was a massive salad with ham and dressed with balsamic vinegar! Yum just had bowl of SF jelly with chopped strawberries and grapes. Yum!

Went the gym again tonight, ran 5k and cycled 10k again!


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Ok, today I starte the day with a nice coffee with bit of skimmed milk (part of HEa) then 2 weetabix (HEb) with rest of skimmed milk HEa. Followed By a donut nectarine! Mmmm

Lunch - had an omelette made with onion & ham. Half tin chopped tomatoes with it.

Snacked on a few grapes this afternoon which was refreshing!

Tea - 2 pork chops trimmed all fat off, jacket potato, beans, cauliflower and side salad! Yum!!!

Did an hours spinning class tonight and can't feel my legs!


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Ok breakfast today was an apple and a muller light,

Lunch was a punnet of strawberries and some cherries! Muller light

Dinner - roasted veg, steak and SW wedges! Delish

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