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back to it tomorrow!


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As a few of u know I have had a tough few weeks and just haven't been able to stick to it 100% and picked at protein foods! Its been a really stressful time for me and I have been extremely active in trying to get house ready as move next week..

So decided if I wasn't sticking to it then, then maybe I should switch to another diet. Had Friday night of.diet then started atkins yesterday!

Outcome I feel totally miserable and angry at self... Realised I was blaming everything on shakes, when in fact it was stress and life at mo! I am hating the feeling of eating again, feel bloated and horrible! I should of stuck with the shakes but I think having this weekend off has made me realise the shakes are the best for me, hopefully wont be too bad as not ate carbs last two days and only ate them Friday night... So hopefully wont be long til ketosis!

Sorry for long post but just needed to get it out I suppose and see if others have done the same?

Back to them tomorrow and cant wait... Kinda miss them ha ha x

Support this week will be needed as tough week ahead?

Thanks in advance x
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Hi, I was on Lipotrim before and gave in on third week, I SO REGRET IT. I should have realised it was just a blip and kept going. Please, dont be too hard on yourself, just get on the bandwagon again. Im far from someone to be giving advice because I blew Lipotrim before but just learn from my mistake-DONT GIVE UP. This diet does work, you just have to believe you can do it! Im trying to psyche myself up to do it again, I know its hard but from experience i know its so much harder to be overweight and feeling like **** all the time. Hope that helps and as Im writing here Im trying to take my own bloody advice. I know we can do this if we just believe we can!!!


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Thanks candyloss tomorrow cant come quick enough! Wish I hadn't quit but its only been 3 days so hoping not too hard to adjust and seen as I feel sick eating, I haven't ate too much! Just keep thinking how much quicker it will come off! Slim me will soon be here.... Want to join me? X
hey lucy,just wanna say good luck with your restart 2morrow, dont beat yourself up about it, tfr is really difficult when life is goin great never mind when we hit the blips, you can do it hun xxxx
Hi guys,

I kinda messed up too but I am determined to get back to it.. I only picked on a few bits but I really am angry:mad: at myself right now!!

Goodluck with the restart babe xx


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fatty 2 fitty come on lets do it together, I am so determined this time! I actually think this blip has enabled me to really focus on it! I think I will start a motivation thread! where we can post motivational quotes thoughts etc and help each other along! if we log in every day it will really help us to focus! x
Please do.. I have a couple quotes written down.. One I stole from NCIS (hehe) is my personal favourite..

If you always do what you've always done.. You'll get what you've always got!!

Sort of fitting as if you think about it .. If we always eat crap and don't exercise (what I always do!) That's what we'll always have!! That's stuck in my mind since I heard it and I go back to it everytime I'm thinking of quitting.. Although today I guess I forgot it!! lol

Goodluck and please post the thread link on here if you do open a new thread. Take Care xx


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Hi hun thats fab! I opened one in 100% lipotrim forum... Named motivation forum or thread... Cant revenge now lmao... Maybe its time for sleep x
Night Night.. Have A Good Sleep!! It's A New Day Tomorrow!! Let's Get To It xx

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