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Back to Slimming world again


I am new to this forum so hello

I have done slimming world on and of for years and never managed to lose more than 1.5 stones on it. I need to loose about 10 in total. I gave up in the summer and joined lighterlife were I lost a fantastic 4 stone in 14 weeks.

I found that it was becoming to hard to continue with lighterlife for various reasons but didnt want to stop dieting so joined slimming world again. I had got the boost I needed to carry on and loose the rest of my weight

The timing was bad as it was two weeks before xmas. I went along to the group having emailed the leader before hand, I thought it was only polite to ask if it was ok to rejoin and explain were I had been over the summer. she replied and said it was ok.

Unfortuntaly the group leader is some what blunt infront of the class she asked what the diet i had been on and then went on to say how they are useless and dont work. I did have to stand up for it and say what she was saying wasnt correct as i had lost 4 stone more than I had on her diet. And now i have to teach myself to eat again properly. She wasnt very amused and i was made to look like a idiot. I didnt go the following week as it was the xmas party and I didnt fancy it plus it was starting earlier and I had something on. She was off for the two weeks over the holidays but had arranged for us to go to another class but I couldnt get to it as it was to far away. So I havent been back since my first weigh in.

i know i have put a lot of weight on over the hols but I am not going to worry about it. I will get back on track and start dieting properly again on the 7th. I am so fed up with food I am cutting right back as it is but being realistic there is still tempting foods so come the 7th when the kids go back to school and I am back to work I will start following the plan to the letter again.

But what is bothering me is going to the meeting on the 8th and standing on the scales. I know I have put it on but I do not need someone telling me I told you so about it. I really wish I hadnt gone to class 3 weeks ago and was starting afresh next week. I am even concidering not going back, There is other slimming world classes but non in my area that I can either get to or fit in with work so it has to be this one. Which honestly the most convinient as it is 5 mins away from home.

I have even thougth about the dreaded weight watchers as it is held in the same place but on a different night but I am starting a aqua fit class on that evening so rules it out.

I think I will just go in and get weighed and leave again. I do feel agrieved with the leader and in the past have had issues with her methods. She is all for you while you are loosing but the min you start to have problems she isnt interested. All she says is right it down. I know to a lot of people have left because of her to so its not only me. I met someone who went with her daughter and they have both stopped as the daughter felt like she as being bullied every week.

Ok I have rabbetted on enough and i hope I have made sense. Not sure what I really wanted to say lol.
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OMG!!!!!! she sounds a nasty woman. No way should she make you feel bad about yourself or belittle you infont of others. if she'd done that to me i would have complained to the company about her. Good luck hun in what ever you decided to do {hugs}
I wouldn't feel comfortable going to that class. Are you sure there are no others. There seems to be new classes starting all the time it might be worth looking on the websites. Or are you disciplined enough to use the online facilities instead of going to class.

Irene xx

There is no other one i can get to. There is a lovely lady that runs a group in the next town but it is only in the morning and I work.

I have thought about complaining about this leader but if i do it means I wont be able to come back to the class.

I will see how it goes next week but i am dreading it.


Addicted to Minimins
Hiya sorry you had to face this horrible woman there is nothing worse than someone like that for making you want to go and comfort eat. I would keep checking the website for local groups as Irene said there are new groups opening all the time. You also get masses of support on here everyone is so friendly. Good luck in what ever you decide.:)
Hi Megsmum (we're not related). Really you should complain. You should not let her initimidate you. SW Consultants have to abide by strict rules which include no humiliation, no discounting what others are saying, and keeping an open mind. This one sounds like she is breaking the rules. I don't know where you live, but I know of one just like this and complaints are being taken seriously.

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