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Back to start again


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Well after 6 weeks off the diet, I've decided to go back onto lt again.

I've been fortunate only to have gained 3lbs but I'd like it off before my holidays at the beginning of the July. Planning on sticking to it this week then doing a refeed.

It's weird but I can really feel the difference in the weight gain in my clothes even though it's not very much. Very bizarre.

Hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing some old names. I only recognise Summergurl !
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welcome back :)

Sounds pretty impressive to only have put on 3lb in 6 weeks! So well done and best of luck with re-starting - be interested to find out how you get on second time round :)


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Bet you don't recognise summergurl ;).... have you seen her pictures lately, she's looking amazing :D

Only 3lb gain is pretty good in 6 weeks, I reckon I could gain that overnight!!!! Welcome back, it'll be interesting to see what your first week weight loss will be, I keep wondering whether you can re-create that "first week" loss second time round, it'll be ace if you can.


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lol well, welcome back chicka :)

glad to see you are back on, that 3lbs will be gone in no time!!


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Bet you don't recognise summergurl ;).... have you seen her pictures lately, she's looking amazing :D
:giggle: thanks lou! :eek: hehe! x


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome back Cruiks!! Don't you recognise my name? Been here for so long now. Good luck and you will easily lose those few pounds for your hols. Well done on maintaining, 3lbs isn't much to put on I don't think!


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I'm considering starting again.
I 1st did LT July last year and lost 21lbs in 3 weeks + refeed week.
I put on 7lbs of that before starting again in Jan this year.
I only stuck at it 2 weeks and lost 12 lbs but my heart wasnt really in it as i kept nibbling at food.
However i am determined to lose my last stone before our holidays in July and think this is the only way to do it.
My main stubling point is it costs £58 at my local pharmacy which is hard to live with in these times of hardship.
Well thats what my wife thinks anyway!!
Just can't see how i can justify that amount of money per week even for a short period of time


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its guna cost you £58????????? are you in n.ireland?
Welcome back. I think you are totally brilliant at only gaining 3 lbs in 6 weeks. Hope you can complete your LT journey this time. Good luck.
its guna cost you £58????????? are you in n.ireland?
yeah how did you guess!!!
how much is it over on the mainland?
and why is there such a discrepancy in pricing throughout the UK?
should lipotrim not state the price on their website rather than leaving it up to the pharmacies to price?


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Thanks for the good wishes. I do recognise the names now !

Have to admit I'm in a really bad mood today and feel shattered. I think it's cause I'm tired though rather than the diet although I think I'm trying to convince myself !

It was amazing how quickly I got back into bad habits though and was getting the sugar rush again. Habits that I thought I'd addressed :mad: while I was doing lt.

Anyway - Rome wasn't built on a day so here goes !


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I'm not sure why the discrepancy but over here its £36! what a difference!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥


maintaining since June'09
Well done on only gaining 3lbs ... I've been around since February too!

Best of luck with it! x
Good luck and restarting is easy just grab the bull by the horns so to speak lol


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Well done for sticking to it Jan.

Adam - have you put weight on that you're on it again ?

Well managed to get my first day in quite easily. I even managed a callanetics class.

Today is my second day and was up at 6 and went for a walk/run (ok run was only for 5 mins) for an hour. Am totally shaking now though and not sure if it's muscle or the diet - lol !

Working this morning then taking my dd to see the Hannah Montana movie as her nursery is off this morning. Hope everyone has a good day.
cruiksl - i have put on a little fat but also some good muscle too so the scales dont look as good lol however my clothes fit me better than when i came off LT so its not too bad.

Reason am on is just to get me to my finished target now


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Its €65 down here in the sunny south!! I got my first week in the UK at £36... its crazy the difference in price. I am going over to the UK again the first weekend in July and have found 2 pharmacies near my mums where I will pick up a week at each. It will save me a fortune. Cant believe its £58 in the north, you would think all UK prices would be about the same, its bad enough being ripped off in euros. I wonder if its to stop us southies coming over to get it??

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