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  1. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Hi all,

    Well i'm back to where it all began & where I know i can succeed - Weight Watchers!

    I started a diary on here, whilst doing the discover plan, back in 2011 and over 18 months, slowly lost around 50lb. I wanted to slim down for my wedding, which was last year (Sept 13) I felt amazing on my wedding day and felt i had done myself proud. Well, then the comfortable married life happened, which has resulted in me gaining approx a stone

    I'm here to lose that, plus another couple. My first goal is 12.5 stone by christmas

    I intend on going back to basics, ie posting on here with my food diary etc when i can, ( i will also be keeping a written diary )

    I made some great friends on here last time round, so here i am again hoping to receive and give support :)

    I originally followed the discover plan, but this time round im doing propoints.

    I'm on 30 points, 49 weeklies :D

    Lets go :)
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  3. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Warbies thin (3pp)
    Marmite (0pp)
    Flora Light (1pp)

    Go Ahead yogurt breaks (4pp)

    Jacobs crispbreads (5pp)
    2 x EL Laughing cow (1pp)
    Activia peach (2pp)

    Walkers crisp (3pp)

    Richmond Sausage x 2 (4pp)
    Sweet potato (mashed) (2pp)
    Garden peas (in water) (1pp)

    Total 26pp

    Weeklies used 4/49

    Daim Bar x 2 (8pp)

  4. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    good luck :)
    I remember following your diary couple years back! so nice to hear about your 50lbs loss and your wedding!! you will drop this stone in no time! here to follow xx
  5. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    I remember you too lauren :)
    Nice to see a familiar face. I know the writing of the diary on here helped me to be honest with myself and that's what I really need at the moment. I'm only lying to myself about my eating habits, and if I let it get any worse I'll put it all back on ! And we don't want that lol xxx
  6. Lula81

    Lula81 Full Member

    Here to subscribe x
  7. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    The diary is really helpful :) that's why I came back too hehe! I'm sure you'll be fine and get plenty of support :) xxx
  8. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Thanks girls, weighed in this morning, first weigh in Saturday xxx
  9. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    It's a beautiful day here today! Working until 6:30pm and the sun seems to be making the day fly! :)

    2 x warbie thins (6pp)
    Flora light (1pp)
    Cheese (3pp)

    S Daim bar (4pp)

    Lettuce, cucumber, radish, spring onion, tomato (0pp)
    20g Feta (2pp)
    Salad cream (1pp)
    Babybel (1pp)
    Apple (0pp)

    S Go Ahead biscuits (4pp)

    Fish inspirations (3pp)
    Basmati rice (3pp)
    Mange tout (0pp)

    Total 28/30

    Weeklies used 4/49
  10. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    it's a lovely day here too :) - thought summer was over but it's a lovely surprise aha
  11. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Yeah it's gorgeous!

    Just been for a walk on my lunch hour and will be taking the dogs out later :)

    I'm also doing a 30 day exercise challenge, here's the plan if anyone wants to join me. I'm on day 2 :)

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  12. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    that exercise plan looks tough hehe!! how's it going for you?
  13. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Morning all,

    Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, I was at alton towers all day with friends. Had such a fun day, but my god, I will never go on 'the smiler' ever again! Lol!

    We walked for 12 hours around the park yesterday stopping to go on rides but we didn't use any of the cable car facilities to get across the park so we could burn extra calories! It took around 30minutes to get from one side of the park to another and we probably did that around 4 times. My legs are killing me today.

    The 30 day exercise plan is going well, I'm
    On day 4, so it's rest day today :)

    Yesterday's food was pretty much picking at things as we took a picnic but all pointed non the less.

    Muffin with bacon & egg (7pp)

    Half a roll (felt sick!) with ham & salad (3pp)
    Hula Hoops (2pp)
    Rocky bar (3pp)

    Chicken selects (3 pieces) (10pp)

    Total 25/30pp

    Weeklies used 4/49pp

    Will post today's food later
  14. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    sounds like a fun day! :) I've never been to Alton towers, meant to be so good! I'm scared to ask what the smiler is though? haha. That's a lot of walking.. well I guess that's one way to exercise and have fun hehe! xx
  15. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Thanks! It was so much fun! The smiler is a 14 loop roller coaster! Scary!

    Today's food

    Warbies thin with Flora light (4pp)
    Activia (3pp)

    Mini cheese (2pp)

    Turkey & salad on a brown roll (5pp)
    Discos (3pp)
    Grapes (0pp)

    Daim Bar (4pp)

    Garlic chicken (4pp)
    1/2 pkt egg fries rice (3pp)

    Total 28/30

    Weeklies used 4/49
  16. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    ahhhh! roller coasters aren't my friend :p
  17. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Today has been a looooooong day! Weight in tomorrow :)

    Warbies thin with Flora light (4pp)
    Yoghurt (2pp)

    Victoria sponge (small slice - 6pp)
    Quavers (2pp)

    Pasta (3pp)
    Bacon (1pp)
    Sauce (2pp)
    Cheese (2pp)
    Mushrooms (0pp)

    Daim bar (4pp)
    Walkers ranch crisps (3pp)

    Total 29/30pp

    Weeklies used 4/49

    Going to have a treat tomorrow and use some weeklies I think :) xxx
  18. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    goood luck for weigh in!!! :)
  19. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Lost 1lb :)
    Warbies thins x 2 (6pp)
    Nutella (1pp)

    S Daim bar (4pp)

    Small roll (3pp)
    Beef (1pp)
    Crisp (2pp)

    Sweet potato (3pp)
    Veg (0pp)
    Chicken (3pp)
    Gravy (1pp)

    Chocolate raisins (3pp)

    Total 27/30pp

    Weeklies used 4/49
    Last edited: 7 September 2014
  20. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    well done on the loss!!! xxx
  21. Nicola87

    Nicola87 Gold Member

    Thank you :)

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