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Back to WW


Hi, I've been doing slimming world for the past few months or so but am getting board of it, mind like a child and all that....:p

I've decided to switch back to WW and on the new points system!! I have no experience with this new way though!! I will be doing it from home and i have ordered the books from ebay but could do with knowing the basics.

I know i will be on 29 points but what are the weeklys i hear people talking about??? 49 but how can they be spent??
Also are there any threads that i can be pointed in the right direction too for points of staple foods such as potatoes and so forth?? I only have the old calculator and the old scales is it still doable with these or should i invest in the new ones......though money is tight!!

Thank you for your help xx
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The calculator is not compatible :( Not sure about the scales as I don't have any, however I would say not if the calculator isn't. I just use digital scales.
I didn't think they would be to be honest......might be forking out then i guess as i used both so much last time i did the points.
Hi i have the calculator and i woudnt be without it
Points are worked out with fibre total fat cals and protein so old calculator woudnt do isnt that always the way lol
I cant tell you anything about scales good luck to you x
Meant to say he 49 can be divided up ovr he wk to have extra
Or save them for the weekend some people use them all some save them its just a case of trial and error to c what orks for you :D
Thank you.......Calculator not needed now, ive downloaded a free app!! :)

Why do you get 49 extra points? Are they there to use if you go over your 29?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for points values for staple foods like potatos, milk, meat??

Thank you x


I can haz cake?
you get 49 extra for weekly use, however you please. In the old system you could carry over like 2points a day, right? They've basically just gathered those and put them into a weekly "fund" instead... to make it more simple! They can be used any way you please...

The old scales are not compatible... sadly. But the new ones are fabulous :)