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Back with more photos!!

Corr Donnalou you can really see the difference and your hair is lovely.

Well done:)


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wow donna you look great, your confidence and happiness are shining through. I'm on week 7 and hope to be where you are at week10 (doubt it though) keep up the good work donna, imagine in the summer you'll look a treat


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One of me 10 weeks in and 3 stone 5 gone, and one of my new hairdo that I got done the other day (for the people I was blabbing on about it to lol) Hope everyone is doing well!
Looking fantastic Donnalou, love the new hairdo!!!

me before lighter life

This is an absolutely awful pic of me before lighter life, at my 80s themed 21st party. Never want to look this big again​

This is me just before my fisrt ever night out during LL. No drinking!! Also shows my new hairdo that I got done as a treat for my weight loss


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You look great! 3 and a half stone? I'm so jealous :rolleyes::D

Love the new hair, I'm debating whether to get a new hairdo now, or if I should leave it until I've lost a bit more.

I'll have to have a proper look at it on saturday cos it looks similar to the style I wanted :D
Donna :wow: :wow: :wow: you look amazing - brilliant :)
Donna your hair looks gorgeous and all that weight loss. Way to go!!!

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Donna wow!
You looked so pretty before LL but now you have that extra confidence just shining through, what a transformation honey! You give yourself a massive pat on the back, your looking truely amazing! x


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Thanks so much girls you guys are really kind. Yeah I'm really happy with the way it's going and I'm half way through now. Well nearly, it actually 3 stone 5 I lost up to now, nearly 3 and a half stone.


constantly confused
You're the same height as me, and according to NHS 11 stone is in the normal range. Other sites say 10 stone 10 is the cut off for the normal BMI.

Personally I think I'll just get to 'normal' before going into RTM because i just want to be healthy, and then if I want to lose more I can do it through healthy eating and exercise. Otherwise it's another month on LL, and I don't want to do that really! Can't afford it anyway :rolleyes:


Striving for slimness
Yeah I agree it's a bit low, I thought that when she gave me it. But there was some dispute over what height she was going to put me down as. I'm 5' 5'' and a half and usually say I'm 5' 6 but when I told her I was 5'5 and a half she put me down as 5' 5" so not really sure what the best would be. I reckon I'm with you on just being the healthy range.
You will know when you get to the right weight Donna. I set my goal low - for one, just to see if I could do it and to see what I look like really slim. But I know realistically I will probably settle around 11 stone, which is fine for me. Besides, my hubby does like me a little comfy. :D

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