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  1. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    2 years ago, i got down to 9st 7lb on the cambridge diet.

    Over the past couple of years i've gone up a bit n down a bit, but since christmas it's just up all the way.............................:eek:

    So much that i'm now back up to 11st 3lb.

    Not a massive increase, but to much and my nice size 12 clothes don't fit, and i've bought more new size 14 clothes.

    I'm going away 6th sept with the girls for 12 days to turkey, and i want to be back in the size 12 clothes.

    So i'm back, i've cut down food over the past 3 days, and upp'd the water intake.

    so tomorrow is day 1., i've got 2 weeks supply of shakes, and i'm ready for it.

    so i've got 56 days in which i want to loose 21lb

    can i do this and is it achieveable.

    thanks for taking time to read...................
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  3. Awaken Me

    Awaken Me On my Way...

    Welcome back Chris.

    Of course you can do this - you have been sucessful before, and I would 21lbs is definitely achievable or somewhere very near at least. Best of luck with your restart. I can't wait until I can start taking girlie holidays - I've missed out on quite a few.
  4. great things

    great things Gold Member

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    21lbs... should be a breeze for you.
  5. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    thank you

    I sure as well will be trying my best.

    Going to do a bit of exercise as well, may get my wi-fit out and do some gentle work outs.
  6. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

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    Good Luck, I now have about the same to lose as you, my goal is also 9:7

    We will be looking great very soon!
  7. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    hi and welcome back!
  8. fatandfedup

    fatandfedup Full Member

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    Hi there is alot of us that have started this week. Come and join the **fat**friends** thread.
  9. SacredSilence

    SacredSilence I

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    Welcome back & Good luck x
  10. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    thanks guys, day one over and i did it.

    leeds123 nice to see you again..........xxxx
  11. Awaken Me

    Awaken Me On my Way...

    Well done on making it through your first day Chris.
  12. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    well chuffed, day 2 is over with, and i've survived.

    And i've been on the scales already, i'm sorry but it's the only way for me,

    i wish i could just stand on them once a week, but i can't, i do it every morning, and it gives me the inspiration to get through the day, especailly when the numbers have gone down.

    Onwards and
  13. Letty

    Letty Full Member

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    Hi Chris,

    I am in a really similar situation to you. It is really heartbreaking in a lot of ways to be back here, doing this again. I lost 3.5 stone last summer and over the last few months it has started to creep back on. Now I want to lose a stone and the problem is, having lost weight so quickly before, I want it to happen, like, tomorrow! I think that may be a bit of a downside of CD. You start thinking 'oh don't worry about a stone, that's nothing, I can shift that easily on SS'. But a few restarts later, I have rememebered how tough it was lat time around.

    It's also now got the added humiliation factor. Everyone was wowed when I los the weight last year and I loved dressing up in my new gorgeous dresses. I feel so embarrassed now to have to say that I have can't wear those again and have to be on the diet.

    Anyway, sorry to rant, but I thought you might like to hear form someone in the same boat. We did it once, we can do it again!

    21 lbs is totally achievable in that timeframe, so go for it, you know it works.

    We'll both be back in our size 12s in no time!
  14. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    Well thanks for the support guys, Letty your right, all those lovely clothes are lovely to look at, but it's not nice when they don't fit.

    Day 1 - tue, wasn't to bad, but i had cut down on the carbs a lot before starting this diet.

    day 2 - wed, flippin heck, i had the headache from hell, it was banging all day long, i came home from work early at 2.00pm, went straight to bed,slept till 7.00pm, and went back to bed at 10.00pm and slept.

    thur - don't know how i managed to wake up i was so tired, headache had gone, but i was so tired. work again and a sleep at tea, and early night.

    fri - headache gone, but again i had tired eyes, and i slept for 3 hours at tea and went to bed early and slept through.

    today - sat, woke up feeling tired,but that feeling has gone, and i feel brighter, not full of the joys of spring, but i think getting there.

    Off out tonight, but i'm driving and i'm going to drink water all night, i've stood on the scales, i know you shouldn't but hey i had to, it gets me through the day when i see the scales have gone down, or have stayed. today i was 10st 12lb, so on my scales i'm looking at a loss of 5lb already, and i'm real pleased with that.

    But i wish i'd taken my measurements, as i feel i've lost a few inches, my bloadted 2nd stomach, the one under my boobs has gone, but the one below is still

    But it's onwards and upwards i've done the hard bit the rest can only be easy......................time to introduce excercise i think.................
  15. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    hi my restart after hols this week was HELL. i came from hols and straigh on to ss as i wanted it gone (I should have low carbed for a week first really) and felt really poorly for about 4 days. Am so glad i stuck with it though as lost 8lbs in my first week back. that doesnt sound a lot to some but its a great loss for me. I need to lose another 6lbs now to get to where i was before i stopped cd for hols and then I will be half a stone away from my ultimate skinny goal of around 10 stone. good luck for your weigh in lady and looking forward to following you on your journey.
  16. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    Hi Chris, I am in the same boat as you, lost 3 stone 2 years ago and now weigh in with half the weight back on.

    I started this morning although my weigh in day I will make a Monday but enough is enough. Could not believe the scales were saying 11 stone, thought 10.9 at a push.

    Certainly has given me the shock I need, so much so that I have returned here, got a new ticker and plan to post, post, post.

    Here's to a good day/week/journey.

  17. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    Hi alison and leeds123

    Alison your like me, not got a lot to loose, but 1 1/2 is better to get rid of than 3st, which is why that i'm glad that i'm doing it now, rather than when a few more pounds have crept on.

    leeds123, your right low carb is deffo the way to go the week before, i for 1 day had raging headache, and been so tired, but i do think that has passed.

    You will get there.

    Right i've done well this week i've ss'd all week, drank the water etc, some days maybe not as much as i should have, but some days more.

    To keep me going on this diet i have to weigh myself each and every morning, 1st 2 days showed a loss,and yesterday i was down to 10st 12lb, which made me smile, i went out last night with friends and i drank water all night, i was so proud of myself, as everyone else was drunk.

    So up this morning, feeling full of the joys of spring, no headache, no feeling tired, had plans to weed the garden, do hubby sunday dinner, which i did real good.

    But here is my downside of the day, and this is probably the problem why you shouldn't go on the scales, this morning they said 11st.............:eek:

    I've done ss today and had my 2.5 lt of water, just stood on the scales and they now say 11st 1lb........................:eek:

    Now i'm not going to get to upset about this, as i do feel that i've lost the bloated feeling, but i was hoping over the next 2 days for a 2 or 3lb loss which would have given me, a 7 or 8 lb loss on tuesday morning.

    I know people will say do not go on the scales, but i can't each morning i have to.

    thanks for reading.
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  19. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    oh no!!! WTF!

    however, when its warm i do tend to gain too, but then over the next 24 hours it falls off. see how you get on today as its much cooler, and up the water intake. when do you weigh in?
  20. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    Think you need to wait till the week is up then see what the your total weight loss has been, plus yu will always weigh heavy at the end of the day with your shakes and water intake - it will even out, you'll see.

    I have always been a strict wait the week weigher, boring I know but I know that if I stick to it, the weight will fall off.

    Last shake of the day for me, 1 more pint of water then that is day 2 almost completed. Was starving at work earlier but a coffee seemed to stave off the hunger pangs. Did a bit of ironing when I got home which took my mind of food and as my OH will be late home tonight, won't feel too sad if I bath, book and bed early tonight.

  21. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    thanks for the replies girls.

    Gonna do my weigh in tomorrow, stood on the scales today and i'd gone back down to 10st 12lb.................but if tomorrow gets me down to 11lb, then i'd be made up with a 6lb loss.

    But and there always is one, i've spent the day at my daughters gardening, and i forgot to take a sachet, well there was a few of us, and she made sandwiches and had cakes.

    No i didn't eat any of the above, but i was hungry and i had a piece of chicken, it was a chicken thigh, with skin on, and i removed the skin and nibbled it.

    Not good i'm guessing.

    I've had my 2lts of water today as well, just going to have another 3/4lt bottle.

    Had a nice bath and i feel cold, sat here in my pj's with my dressing gown, and my boot slippers on, hands feel like blocks of ice.
  22. tahira

    tahira Full Member

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    seems as if your doing well chris, im on day 5 ive got my first weigh in tommorow, my home scale broke last month after that i didnt buy another one because i knew i would be on it everyday, so i have no clue what ive lost.....
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