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Hi all,
Just wanted to reintroduce myself and say hello:D . Been off here since November and have been off plan since then. I will be SSing from Weds.

It is so inspiring to come back and see the familiar faces having lost vast amounts of weight but it is also good to see that other people falter and then pull themselves back on track - it proves it can be done!!!

Hi Nat,

Happy new year to you and yours:)

Lovely to see you!!!

Good luck for Wednesday!!!:D

Your avatar is georgeous!!!

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the welcome guys,

Can't wait for Weds to arrive!

Mini - was so excited to work out how to put avatar on (such a divvy:eek: ). My pickle number 3 is a cutey tho':D isn't he?

Good luck for your restart :)
Thanks Julie,

How long have you been SSing?
Day 3 today and its getting easier :)
I have a whopping 7 stone minimum to lose!!!!
How have you found the last few days, is this your first time? You will have lost that 7 st in no time, have you checked out the before & after piccies in the gallery - just incredible!!!:D
Hello and good luck for Wednesday

I am on Day 10 (i think) and feel fab,plus i lost 13lb at my first weigh in 7.5inch body fat so have tons of motivation LOL

Just wanted to say good luck, I'm re-starting tomorrow. It is tougher starting again, but it can be done.

Big-Pudding - I lost 5 stone in 3.5 months, so you should see results really quickly.

Mel :D