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bacon rashers 0.5 points adsa £1


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ooo i think im gonna have to get some! am yet to try them! I love a bacon butty!

thanks for that xx:party0011:


Fighting for My Health
Mmmmm, love a bacon buttie on a Sunday morning (or any morning come to that! lol). Used to use turkey rashers, but prefer bacon, and so have recently switched to Sainsubry's be good to yourself medalions which are also 0.5 points each and yum :)

Will nip to Asda for a cheaper version though. Ta for the info :)

no its the bacon rashers one, its advertised in ww magazine, the ww bacon is yum but £2.29!!!! so i get the bacon rashers one.
I must admit i realy do prefer the ww bacon, for half a point per slice its amazing. Even my family want to eat it too. Its deliecious no fatty bits just tasty bacon.
It is expensive i just buy the one packet a week, i usually only have a couple of slices at a time.
I only ever buy the Tesco H/L bacon - that's 0.5 points each and nice enough for me (especially in a sarnie with brown sauce, mmm!).


Fighting for My Health
Well, I do love my Sainsbury's bacon medallions for 0.5 points, but may just have to try the WW version as I do find that with most of their products they do seem to have lots more flavour and be better quality than the shop's own version, ie. their frozen ready meals are yum, as are things like tuna, sweetcorn and mayo in a can (1 point per can), so don't mind paying that bit extra if I prefer the taste/quality.

Ooh, I'll have to try and get some of the ww bacon then, I've never even seen it!

I love love love sausages - my favourite sausages are the tesco value frozen sausages, hahaha (I'm a cheapo, I know, but I love them) but they must be about a million points each, so I don't get them anymore, lol. Definitely be interested to know what the ww ones are like though.

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