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Bad bad temptations!!!!

Hi everyone.
Today at work there was a little party for residents, and there was sooooo much food and it all looked so yummy!!
There was sausage rolls and lots of other pastry things (i LOVE pastry!) And there were sooooo many lovely delicious looking cakes, oh god it nearly killed me! I kept looking at everything thinking "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I was soooo tempted to eat loads of it!!!! BUT....i didnt :D I was really good and only has a few pickled onions lol. (which are free!!)

So to treat myself for being so good i've made a SW choc cake and im gunna have some later on tonight with a cuppa :) and only 3.5 syns a slice!! Just imagine how many syns i would have used if id had even just a tiny plate full of food at the party :eek:

Has anyone else ever been in that awful situation? Did you fight it or give in?

It takes a lot of willpower, especially when everyone else around you are tucking in and saying how gorgous everything tastes :(
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i know what you mean!! i work in a off licence so all i see all day is alcohol chocolate and crisps 3 of my most favourite things in the whole wide world! i also work with a young girl who is as skinny as a rake and everytime i work with her she has a massive bag of kettle crisps and sweets and says "help yourself if you want some" !! bless her i know she doesnt do it to be mean but it drives me up the wall!!!

Andy R.

Time for a change
oh it so mean, last party i went to i just had to sit there and eat quorn slices, while everyone was tucking into all the naughty stuff, i was constantly getting cake shoved under my nose, grrrr. well done on holding out. rewarding yourself later with SW is a great idea. i love it!


I have my mojo
Well done on holding out! It's not easy sometimes!

We always have goodies in our office and it's a nightmare having to watch everyone eating the cookies, etc.....but I just remind myself of my goal. It's sickening how some people can eat like that and still not put on weight!! lol :D
Thanks :) I did feel proud of myself for resisting haha. And i thought of how bad i would have felt if i'd eaten all those things, i would have felt awful, so that makes me feel a bit better hehe :)

I just hope there isn't loads of food left over 2moro cos everyone will be like come on tuck in and ill have to say no with a sad face haha! It's ok, i'll just try to think of how much it will be worth it :)
OMG I managed to steer away from the best pudding in the whole world yesterday:

Freshly made summer berries pudding made with brioche , clotted cream fresh berries..... it looked great. I stayed firm and said I have brought my own pud ( Family BBQ) Muller and fresh pineapple.... Oh well it was still nice.

Phil x


Silver Member
Phil, that dessert sounds lush.

I'm not too bad on resisting. The food on the table generally looks a sludge brown (that's what helps me resist a pizza) and when I think of the colourful food I eat on SW, any appeal the baddie food has starts to go. Pity they can't make wine in sludge colours :D

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