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bad breath

No, it's doesn't go.. but you can control it. you need to get listerine mouthwash - the yellow one is the only one you can use. and also some breath strips. They are called nuphar+. it's important you only use these two products as they do not contain sweetners which could knock you out of ketosis. Your pharmasist where you get your LT from will have them. The other thing I do is brush my teeth really well and I also floss 3 times a week. I have never suffered hughly from the bad breath symptoms. I hope this helps. welcome to LT and good Luck pumpkinoune x
the other thing I think helps is black coffee. I drink a few cups every day and most of my shakes are made with it, apart from the soup. lol
I also use the breath strips and mouthwash and I find that brushing my tongue also helps.

Good Luck x
My breath is foul!! Joe says he can smell it in shops when i am talking to someone :ashamed0005:

On the good side.... It is a great contraceptive!!! lol
hi little me when u took your 4 weeks break ,what did u do cos i would b thrilled to just put on 8 lbs
im goin away to the sun for 4 weeks on the 26th and im up the walls incase i put on stones
i started on the 22nd of November, and apparently , according to my husband the smell is really bad, will it go or not?
There is mouthwash and strips you can get for it.....apparently a good sign of Ketosis I was told by my Nurse (who did LT 10yrs ago). Drink loads of water as well.
My doctor askedme to breath on him... Lol I said no my breath stinks... He said I hope so otherwise your not in ketosis....


Bad breath is due to ketosis and not bacteria from not brushing your teeth, I'm sure your glad to hear ;)

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