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Bad Breath

Hi I have heard that it is a sign of being in ketosis, so hopefully you are.

Im only on day 2 so im not sure. Hopefully someone more experienced will be able to tell you.

Andria x


I can do this.
It is a sign of ketosis, sounds like u are.



The Diet Guy
All the time you are on SS or 790 you will be in a mild state of ketosis and hence can have bad breath as the ketones get emitted.

To try and stop this do the following!!

1. Drink water, the more you pee the ketones out the less you breathe them out.

2. Clean your teeth

3. Use mouthwash

4. Get a Gold Spot spray and use that just before those "close" moments i.e. 1 to 1 meetings etc.

5. Drink black coffee or tea as these also help with stopping the smell (especially coffee as you smell of that instead!)

Failing all that get your boyfriend on the diet and then he'll be in ketosis so he'll think it is him.

I wouldnt worry too much about the bad breath. At first i was concerned that people will be revolted by the smell of my breath when i talk to them :( :eek: but after a while i didnt care. I was losing weight and i felt great. :D

On some occasions tho when i knew that my breath was very bad and i was going to be talking to someone up close for a while, id give them a warning that my breath does stink of shyt :p because of a diet i am on. They didnt usually mind but it made me feel better. :rolleyes:

If your concerned about what your fiance will say, you could tell him that you are hurt by it and would appreciate it if he didnt mention it because the bigger picture is that you are doing the diet for your health.

But i dont think your fiance will be bothered about your breath after a while, i think he'll have more of a problem keepin his hand off you, lol ;)

But icemoose has some fab tips there, so you should be fine :)

xx :)

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