Bad Breath


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I agree. My mouth genuinely tastes like someone has died in there! Even when I have brushed my teeth it seems to come back within the hour. Thank god my OH is away at the moment that's all I can say xx


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That's what happens when you're in ketosis, bad breath is just one of the side effects


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Can't possibly be keytosis in my case, I am still eating carbs.
Seems to have passed along with the cold I didn't notice I had!!!!!!


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I'm doing Atkins, but no one has noticed a bad smell around!
My mouth generally tastes like something has died in there - a combination of smoking and a medication-induced bad taste. I've had worse. You get used to anything in time!


I've heard that one reason for bad breath when dieting is dehydration. Even if you're drinking a ton of fluids, your body is losing A LOT of water, which dries your mouth out.

I hear it should get better over time, as your body chemistry adjusts and rebalances itself. :)