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Bad day/week

Hi Guys

Havn't posted for a few days now, have a few probs at the moment so things a little difficult. Attempted a refeed over the weekend, went quite well and enjoyed the taste of food, was very strict and stuck with what I was supposed to have. Until today. As I said not feeling good right now and tonight have blown it big time. Now I hate myself again. I know the advice is to put it behind you etc but what bothers me is that just like in the past when things go bad I turn to food in a big way, so maybe LT hasn't "cured" me at all. I feel so useless cos everyone else is so determined in their refeed and eating healthy and I couldn't even manage a week. I know I can stick to LT for a long time but just can't seem to manage to eat normally. Maybe I am like an alcoholic who needs to avoid their addiction completely. So I must be a freak I guess.
Sorry for the rant but I am feeling really low again now. Anyway enough about me, Have been raeding some posts tho and glad to see you all doing well. Tracy - well done, great photo!. Fran - well done also. Daisy - missed ya! Lil - you are doing great. Garry, Shazpaz, Bea, Pineapple, Ladylite, Lairey, Harriet - well done too! And everyone else too :)
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Hi honey i wont ask how you are! Nice to see you back x
you clearly know what everybody is going to say but seriously hun dont worry about it, how far off target are you? Do you think you could have slipped beacause you are getting much happier with how you look? and kind of forgot the point of dieting. I was getting to that point xxx
Hi Daisy you have done so well dont be down you just need some help along the way just like taking all them driving lessons then passing your driving test you still have a lot to learn and sometimes your going to have the odd bump, the difference is you have this lot to talk you through the ups and downs so come on chill pet;) xx
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We are all always going to battle a fight with food if we don't stop seeing it as the enemy when we're feeling fat and the best friend when we're feeling down. I can't say how i will cope with eating again but I hope HOPE i'm able to se food as something to nourish and fuel my body, and that's all.
Maybe if you try view it this way?
Well done for getting so far, it's amazing.
I understand addiction cos it runs in my family and i know food isn't nessisarily an addiction we still need to take it one day at a time. Look forward to tomorrow and putting nice healthy things in your new fab bod!



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Dont live to eat, eat to live!! xx
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I love it Tracy!
That's one thing LT has really shown me, i did actually get to the stage where i was living to eat!!
And drink to get drunk ;-p


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MMM vodka and orange please!! Double! x


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I was definitely living to eat, nobody needs the amount of chocolate i ate lol x


Busy busy busy!!
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Daisybank ... I was on LL and then CD - lost 4stone in 4months and went from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14. Was so pleased - but it hadn't "cured me", because basically i love food - nearly all food and I'm greedy. So I've regained 3stone .. and I'm now back on CD AGAIN and this time round I won't expect it to be a cure. For me it is a means to an end. It is a quick fix for losing the weight .....

the next stage is the hard bit. Learning I have choices .. I can say no, I don't need to scoff the packet once it is opened, I can leave food on my plate, seconds are not obligatory etc etc. I actually identify my behaviour with food to that of an alcoholic (my ex is one - so i have studied it) and know I shall always have to watch myself re food and overeating or else I'll always be overweight.

Don't hate yourself ... that will make you feel guilty and bad - and then you are more likely to comfort eat. Understand why you did it, then think of a strategy to put in place for next time.
Aww thank you all sooo much for your support. It means a lot right now, I am crying even more than I was before! I am so glad I can come on this site and say how I feel and no one has criticised me for it. Thanks again, I will try to sleep a bit tonight and will try to talk myself to a better place tomorrow x
Hi honey hope you're feeling better today, if you haven't talked yourself into a better place..give us a shout:D:D xxx
Fantastic post flitrygreeneys, I totally agree with you and I I often referred to my obsession with food as an addiction, but many people laughed at it! I see lipo as a quick fix but I am aware that the hard works comes afterwards when the choices have to be made.

Dasiybank, please just put it behind you and start a fresh. You are doing so fabulous hun, keep with it. Is that you finished lipo now and are ready to maintain?XXX
hey daisy,
today is another day!!
what you described is what i fear - and i really think that any one of us could do what you did - we are all on lipotrim and it's a fab diet but very very strict so to be at a point where we are given free choice is a scary thing and prior to lipotrim our choices weren't that great!
also lipotrim is so fast that although without food it gives you loads of time to think about how you might want to eat afterwards - putting it into practice must be easier said than done!
whatever you've eaten in the past few days doesn't discount the weight you lost!
try and turn your little blip around in your mind - how about telling yourself it was a little celebration almost like a birthday or christmas, coz we will probably all overeat at these times - the trick is to pull back on the calories afterwards - maybe? just a thought?!
anyway - you'll have had a sleep by the time you read this and you're on another day and YOU CAN DO THIS....nike "just do it"!
will look forward to hearing that you're feeling better and are having a brilliant day today!
fran :)
Excellent advice Fran xxx


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Hi hun. Hope you are still not too down on yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off as today is another day. One blow out will not add weight on. Just get back to sensible eating today. Don't forget the 80/20 rule. That was your 20. If you are good the rest of the week thats your 80. Good luck.

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hey daisy, this is so hard! Losing the weight is really the easiet part although you don't think so. The fact that you have come on here for support shows you have realised that you have slipped and know that you want to be in control again.

I think it is all down to your frame of mind... you need to choose what your doing/ eating and when you want to do it. It is very difficult but you can do this. You are a strong person to have lost weight and stuck to this in the first place! you need to actually think about what you are going to eat and weigh up is this what i want? should i eat it? How much should i have or am i just craving it or eating it because i am emotional.

before you eat anything you need to have that conversation with yourself( i would do it mentally else people will think you gone mad :) ) I know that is what i will be doing, but last week i had a total destructive week.

long story short, ate easter eggs, wine, crisps and chinese and only after ( hindsight eh!) realised i didnt actually want any of these things i was just trying to fill an emotional hole from a fight with the bf, then i went into self hate mode thinking i am a failure, but then a quote popped into my head " a failure is someone who gives up trying to change what they are uhappy about "

You can do this and change you thoughts and feeling on food. but you need to take the time to do this and actually think things through before you do them. Get yourself into the right frame of mind that you need food to survive, you dont need it to make you feel good about yourself, You do that with your choices! not food. find something new that you want to try or do and start there.

I am really happy that you have come on for support
i hope this helps you and doesnt sound like a rant, i know this is what i am trying to think about to be more comfortable in me for when i lost the weight I want

i sending you positive thoughts x

sam x
Hey Daisy where are you hun?? xxxx

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