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bad day

Hi all
Having a really bad day today:cry:morning shake was fine. Then i think it was too long till my next one. By the time i had it felt very sick couldnt finish it and threw up what i had ate. Feel lousy and just cant look at another one, i really cant force myself to eat another one even though im hungry.just the smell is making me yuck. Havent eaten anything else and have drunk plenty. if i still feel like this tomorrow i dont know what to do. Everything was going so well. Do you think this is just a one off or will it keep happening. What can i do
be well
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i did LL in past, i had simular problem and was advised to add more water to my shake, it worked so maybe u could give it a try. i hope it works for u too!!! u r doing great!!! x
Thanks SL
Woke up still feeling very queasy, beginning to wonder if i have some kinda bug. Temp is a bit on the high side. Going to try in a little while your suggestion of having more water in the shake and see how we go. Really want to continue so am hanging in there.
You will do well sl you know whats ahead and can prepare for it stay strong
be well
Ah, SJ, sorry you are poorly. It is more likely a bug then the packs.

You might also try splitting the packs, having a pack at a time...little and often. And do keep up with water, but not so much at once as to make you feel bloated.

Maybe sip some hot tea, or hot Marigold.

Good luck hon - hang tough!!

I did Lighter Life and lost 2 stone, I hated all the shakes and soups apart from the banana shake, that's what I lived off!
I went on holiday and ate some normal food and was really ill and had to go to hospital. That's when I stopped and gained all the weight I lost :S


Silver Member
awww SJ sorry you have been feeling poorly :( I'm not doing too great today myself - think I'm struggling to get back into ketosis after eating two meals at Spa on Thurs/Fri - anyway I've been back on pack since and people have commented that I look "tired" and "grey" - charming!! Am sticking with it though as I know once I get through this tough period I will have more bounce than Tigger!
thanks sl bl and ajb

Well havent managed the full packs, did the suggestion of little and often but have only managed 2 and a half.
Have sipped all day at hot tea and curled under the duvet watching the Sopranos. Good therapy but what a huge amount those italians eat, thats scary lol noticing on films whats being eaten. im becoming a food anorak lol
Hopefully will be better tomorrow and back on track, the good thing i suppose is that i dont want anything else to eat either.
Bada Bing
Heehee, BL - I'm into 'food porn' too!

Sofajay - hope you're feeling better soon, hon. It really does sound like a bug. Don't let it put you off LL. Do you make your shakes in the LL shaker? I bought a 'Smoothie-to-go' from Tesco and now I make them with lots of ice as well as water and the whole thing is about a pint, I think. The fact that they are a lot more watery is disguised by the fact that they are thick because of the ice and I find them much, much easier to drink.
LOL! loving the food porn comments! I have only been on LL for 3 days, but found myself watching "Ace of Cakes" last night. finding it hard as cooking and baking are a bit of a hobby for me!
Bl :8855:
Now i have this image of a man in a dirty raincoat..........
He opens the raincoat wide........
SJ peeks between fingers..............
He has................
sweets, candy,chocolate bars,fish n chips, chinese, indian, thai takeaway boxes, pizza
bread and butter, jam, marmalade, cakes, pastries......... diet coke, alcohol.
all superglued to the inside lining of the raincoat.........
Thats it now!
When i get hungry, you know i am gonna be going around talking to my own private personal food perv in my head.
Thanks you guys for cheering me up today
be well



Silver Member
And there was me thinking I was nutty for sniffing at donuts and chocolate cake today - as usual there were stacks of 'treats' at work - smelt so good I could almost taste them!!
SJ sings:whistle::whistle:
biiiiiiiiirds flying high they know how i feel
suuuuuun in the sky she knows how i feel
leeeeeeeaves drifting on by they know how i feel
its a new dawn
its a new day
its a neeeeeew life foooooor meeeeeee
and im feeeeeling good
bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
(cant forget the bum bit, its a big part of me)lol

mes much better today:)
have a good day all

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Glad you feel better....continue onwards and downwards.
nutty x

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