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Bad day :(


will not be fat and 30
Aww hun - I hate days like these:( The weather doesn't help either does it?

Try and remember why you're doing this and how great it feels on weigh day when you've lost weight.

Have you got enough to keep you busy today?
No the weather isn't helping. I know it's a great feeling on weigh day when you've lost weight, but I dunno, the cravings I'm having today are just too strong! Think it might be better to go with them for today and just maintain?

Yeah I'm at work, just totally preoccupied with thoughts of crisps!
If you're having one of those days hun then don't think of it as giving in to your cravings - you are making a conscious decision to increase your calories for the day and you will be back to it tomorrow. Make sure you stick to your maintenance cals, enjoy a few treats and don't feel guilty about it! Hope you feel better soon xxx
Thanks :) normally I'm fine, I can stick to my cals with no problems, but I just feel exhausted and SO hungry today. But going to stick to 2000.. at least I won't be gaining any weight. I'll be happy to maintain this week :) damn TOTM!
Quavers or Wotsits hit my crisp craving but soooo many less calories. Keep your chin up, if you need to maintain then do it. You can always make up for it later in the week when you are feeling better, either less food or more gym time. x
Yeah.. today is just not a good day. Been ill with a cold and off work, first day back today, got p*ss wet through on the way into work and I'm due on! Lol.
Well I'm ashamed to report that today is AN ACTUAL DISASTER!! And still got dinner to go. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel like I've got it 'out my system' and I can start afresh. Don't even know what's happened! :(
We all have days like that, and apparently they can be good for the metabolism.As long as you enjoyed what you treated yourself to today, draw a line under it and have a fabulous day tomorrow!


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