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Bad day:-(

Having a couple of bad days:-( stated yesterday when my depression took knock and I ate about 3 homemade choc flapjack :-( so gutted. Then today I have hit bottom with my depression back on meds that make me feel poorly. To make things so much more worse I have just eating donner meat and chips and feel si much worse than ever. Why do we put us through more pain :-(
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Don't throw away your belief in being able to do this because of one bad day! Medication sucks and sometimes it does all sorts of weird things to us, but we can still lose weight. just forget the blip and look forward to a better evening meal.

make sure you eat enough of the good stuff and you won't feel so inclined to scoff the badies.

Feeling for you x
Sonia, I know where you are coming from. I suffered from depression for years and the meds were often a double-edged sword. Trouble is, eating food we know is bad offers short term satisfaction then adds to the depression because we feel guilty for eating it and its all a bit of a vicious circle.

It's a bad day today, but only so far....maybe try a little damage limitation by having an evening meal which follows the plan you are doing? Put what's happened in a box, lock the lid and chuck away the key. Make a fresh start from here on in?

Don't give up xxx


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Everyone has off days. I prefer not to think of them in terms of "good" or "bad" as it's so demotivating. You're doing well !). Mental illness and emotional changes (like TOTM etc) make it difficult to regulate things and to not give in to those cravings. Don't beat yourself up about it. Make tomorrow better.
Thank you so much for your responses. X yes medication is horrible, you feel unwell so take medication that can make you feel worse. I will try and stay on plan for rest of day, try to focus on one thing I sort of should have control off. Thank you again x
I know what its like with depression. I was having major problems on my last meds and put all my weight back on. Now I've changed and I'm doing so much better.
I know one of the most difficult things when losing weight with depression is thinking I'm not worth it so why bother. But when you think that just try and remember that with each bit of weight you loose and each time you go out there and do something active your one step closer to helping to get rid of the b*****d.


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I'm sorry you're having a bad day.

Try not to beat yourself up about it, you have lots to deal with at the moment and you are trying to stay in control.

As others have said; draw a line under it. Start tomorrow as a brand new day. Chances are, you can limit the damage before WI day if you stick to the plan for the rest of the week.

Thinking of you.
Another bad day:-( started off good but have just eaten choc raisins and peanuts. Have had choc for 2 months why am I giving in. I'm going to end up gaining everything I have lost.:-(


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Oh no! Maybe you need to put all the naughty stuff in the bin for now. My day started really well but turned into a nightmare. I've stayed in control but am struggling now.

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