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Bad day

It's been a sh1tty day in work today so I came home in a bad mindset. My son and his girlfriend are going out, hubby fancies a Chinese and I thought to myself I deserve a treat and I can dedicate Saturdays as treat days...

WELL, I logged on here and read through my old posts and other peeps posts and I am now having a cheese omlette and salad with more water :innocent0002: hubby can fetch his own Chinese!

I have come this far and feel REALLY good about myself. I am doing this for me, I want to look good in those jeans and want to be able to wear leggings again.
This is a way of life and changing the way I eat for good so if I stray now what hope have I got?

Thanks for your posts and keeping me on the straight and narrow .

Ali XxX
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Well done for resisting! If you are anything like me, you'd have eaten the Chinese and then been hungry a few hours later once the rice wore off! The omlette would have been a nice wee treat, cost pennies to make and kept you right on track!
I'm avoiding night outs for a fews weeks until I can get my head into a "don't need a drink at the weekend" mode. The missus is away out and I'm in watching the golf with a pint of water and cup of tea. Not only saving piling on the pounds, but savings myself £50 in the process!
See quids in, lbs off and £££'s better off lol
I have a bottle of Pinot Grigio ready for when I hit my goal :party0049:
Well done for resisting temptation! :)

It's great that your previous posts inspired you once again and gave strength and willpower. Will bear that in mind if I face a similar situation.

Keep up the great work, you'll be sipping Pinot Grigio in no time :D


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Congrats Ali that's fantastic. I know what you mean, my oh wanted pizza for dinner and it looked so lovely, but I knew it would be the most disasterous thing to have, so I made a veggie pizza with a large mushroom for the base, some ratatouile inside and topped with a small amount of grated cheese. Was really yummy!

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That sounds very tasty, I love pizza and have been trying to work out what I can use as a base, great idea. Thanks.

Ali XxX


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Did you guys make mushroom pizzas?
I wonder I'd we're allowed dim sum, you know the ones that only have a little of that rice paper pastry, probably not...

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I made it for my missus for lunch yesterday (i wasn't in the mood for it and wanted a shake!). She loved it. For the base i mixed up tomato puree, garlic puree, salt, pepper a little bit of tabasco, and the smallest drop of olive oil. Spread this on the mushroom, then spread a think layer of extra low fat cream cheese. Topped with red onion, sliced cherry tomatoes,a slice of wafer thin ham(chopped) and topped with a little bit of grated cheddar. Cooked it in the oven for 15 mins at gas 6 and she devoured it!



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Mmmm jas sounds delicious. Will have to try that next time I'm doing pizza for the oh! Though to be honest, might just make some of them for him too.

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