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Bad day!

Yesterday was a bad day!!:break_diet: I can't tell you how sick I felt after what I did:cry:The whole day I was good sticking to my soup but by the time I came home, I was famished!! And I just wouldn't enter the kitchen but I did and I just blew it!! I ate crisps, fish and beef cutlets that was in the fridge, I had two slices of white bread with peanut butter and jelly and 4 spoons of spaghetti!!:eek: I know all of you must be thinking I am crazy and stupid! I am:cry:and I have been sick the whole night. I am a wreck today!! Why? Why? did I do this:confused::( I know I will have to pick up from here on and be very strict. I am sure I am off ketosis:( I feel like a loser. I have been good the last 5 weeks on CD but now I am finding it so difficult to forgive myself for what I did to my body last nite!:wave_cry:
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Thats all in the past hun, fresh start today. If you are feeling hungry why not try ss+ for the next week or 2. Good luck hunni.xx
Thank you gals!
I am trying hard to forget what happened yesterday:( I have just stuck to my soup and few pieces of grilled chicken since I am doing ss+ and I am being very careful to not repeat what happened last nite. Wish me luck dears.
Cleopatra, I completley understand how you feel. I've been there and done it and was on the verge of doing it again (despite losing over 2 and half stone). First thing is you posted and that in itself is admitting you had a binge and lost control of your focus. Draw a line under that and think in the present. Try to focus on today only, don't thinkg about tomorrow just getting through today until it is bedtime. I have found I slipped on drinking water and that is danger time and a little food can lead to a bit more and a bit more until it becomes I binge. On my journey so far I have had the odd binges here and there but the difference this time was I started again each time. I am going to try and use this post as a focus for myself to shift this last stone. You are not alone, pick yourself and and start again. You did it for 5 weeks you can do it again, you have not undone 5 weeks worth of will power!
Hi - You are normal!!! When I got weighed last week I had lost nearly a stone so when I got home I had a small bar of Dairy Milk, some crips and half a bread roll. I actually felt sick afterwards and got straight back into it the next day. Took 3 days again to feel better and not guilty!! Stick with it!
You have done so well, dont look back just forward. A blip is a blip dont let it get you down, we are all human sending you a :hug99: and some positive :vibes:X
cleo, i did exactly the same as you when i began to cd last year, i got to 5 wks, binged and it all went to pot.

luckily you are strong enough to get back on the wagon - it has taken me 18mths to come back here and do it for real this time, no giving up!

well done on your losses so far and keep your chin up


in this to win!..
everyone is right and alot of people wouldnt be able to admit to it, so you did the right thing by posting your dilemma, you can start again, a fresh start, we're all behind you!!

Chin up, you made it 5 (!!!) weeks! That's awesome! So you stepped off for a day. Learn from it and do better! Also, don't beat yourself up hun. THAT will never help and just make you feel like sh*%e.
Draw a line under it and get your head back in the game - no point dwelling on it, Hun - that'll get you nowhere

Onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards ;))

You're doing really really well!!

Thank you so much!!

Dear darlings,

You all Susan, Bev, Kira, Sabab, Bigbird, Booboochicken, Martin, WitchyAnne, Largelesley, Minz and Toots have shown me how supportive you all are. :)I feel like I am not alone in this anymore. Especially when Martin said "we are behind you"... I almost cried:tear_drop: ...happy tears to know I can fight this battle of the bulge with all your support. I had a massive fight with my husband and I just felt so down like why am I doing this?:cry: But then after I read all your mails I know I need to do this for me and for all of you! We are together in this! I have been good from yesterday and haven't cheated. And I will not let anything or anyone just stop me from acheiving my goals. I couldn't do this without you all. My angels! thank you from the bottom of my heart...

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