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Bad Times...... bad times indeed.


The Minis Bad Boy
Went for my weigh in last night.

Im not going to get into all the gory details. But I havent had a great week, but still got my water down, exercised and had my packs. But I actually put on 0.25 lb.

And after a chat with my LLC she thinks I need to get tested for diabetes. And it runs in the family.

Im a bit upset at the moment. but whats the doctor going to say?

Lose some weight.................. well thats why im ****ing doing LL isnt it!
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Hi Sully

Sorry you are not losing, but your doctor may get you tested, and if you aren't losing, it could be that you need to have some medication.

The reason you are not losing may also be as a result of being diabetic. A friend of mine was diagnosed as being diabetic and once she was treated she lost 2.7 stone within as many months.

Take Care

Rosie x

Sorry to hear you didn't have a good weigh in last night. As your LLC said though, just make sure you get it checked out - it may well be there is some medication to control it which will then kick the weight into touch.
Sorry last night wasnt a loss :( but im sure if you go to your doctors he can get down to the bottom of it! remeber though your body is a funny thing and you may have had a very slight gain this week but will lose more next week :) maybe wait and see what next weeks weigh in brings but dont let this little hicup bring you down :D


I Can Do This!
Being a diabetic won't exclude you from doing LL. It's better to know if you have diabetes and need to control it, then you can settle into weight loss and perhaps even beat the diabetes - if you have it.

You say "Im not going to get into all the gory details. But I havent had a great week, but still got my water down, exercised and had my packs. But I actually put on 0.25 lb."

You say you didn't have a great week - but took the water packs and exercise.

Pardon the assumption - but does that mean you were eating in addition? That would lead to a weight gain.

Hope you get sorted quickly and see a good loss next week. xx
Sulleyyyyyyyyy - :( It won;t work if you eat. I know you know that - but what made you do it? Do you know?

Sorry you were dissappointed, but not wanting to sound harsh if you eat on the plan you can't expect a loss. You might get lucky and have one - but you cannot expect one.

So - what can we do to help you stay the course - 100%? As that really is the onlyway to get where you want to get, as fast as you can.

You know you can do it - but you have to committ to it. Ya know?

We're here for ya!



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You are extremely unlikely to now be a diabetic.

It is probably just water retention.

Even a diabetic would lose weight on this diet!

My dad was type 1 diabetic from the age of 7 until his death 2 years ago and his diet was very important - most specifically around reducing or balancing carbs as this diet does.

I would almost go as far as saying that it is impossible to become diabetic on this diet as it moves you into ketosis and therefore removes the insulin based problems associated with diabetes.

Now while Type 1 diabetes (often called early onset diabetes) is generally thought to be caused by disease, the more common type 2 (or late onset) diabetes is different and is caused by over eating of sugars and carbs and the resultant issues of insulin resistance (where the cells fail to respond to insulin), or the general lack of production of insulin in response to glucose (blood sugar generally caused by over-eating processed carbs and sugars).

Do not worry - bear in mind also that undiagnosed diabetics are more than likely to lose weight rather trhan not lose weight and the suggestion of your councellor seems rather more than stupid.

Get checked for diabetes (a simple check) but stay on plam.

Even diabetics benefit from this plan (especially type 2) in any case.

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