Badly need ideas for bought snacks/meals


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I am a student, I absolutely love cooking- and I have completely now switched to the slimming world cooking ways.

The problem is I AM SOOO hungry- and I know it is not because of the plan- it is because I am not eating!

I rush out of the house nearly every morning with making myself something for lunch- and I am very much a need at least 3 meals a day kind of person.

I tried buying fruits to keep me going but it is not working. I have also tried low fat yoghurts I know are Syn free

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what they bought when they eat out, and how they spread their Syns? I usually save mine for the end of the day.

I am doing the extra easy plan. I am a medical student- so I don't often come back home till after 6 :(

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you
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Buy a hot food flask, that way you have no limit as to what you can take with u.

I also recommend meal planning, that way you are fully prepared each day and should never have periods where you go massively hungry.


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I have boiled a patch of baby new potatoes/salad potatoes and when I'm peckish I just dunk a couple in some picallili sauce or very low fat mayonnaise. Fills a gap. Some of the cupa soup type things are low in syns too - Pot Noodle in a Mug for example (not the same as regular pot noodle).

I tend to have pre-planned lunch (as I take it with me) and everything else is done a bit more off the cuff. I tend to do EE and try not to blow both my HEs at breakfast (cereal with milk) as it's making the rest of the day more spontaneous and flexible. I know I will pick up the odd biscuit at work so tend to use most syns during the day I think.

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Oatso Simple takes 2 minutes in the microwave. Top with a chopped banana and it will keep you going for hours.

Or scambled eggs. 2 eggs mixed with 1 tbs cottage cheese. Microwave for about 2 minutes. Light as a cloud and the protein keeps you feeling full.