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Baggy Skin


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I noticed the other day that the by skin is quite baggy in the areas where I have lost weight, in particular on my neck and on my boobs. Is this normal and will it improve over time - I'm only half way there weight loss wise and the wrinkles in the baggy areas are really ageing, I'm 45 with the neck of a 70 year old ATM.


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Oh dear!! I have similar prob with my belly and inside of my legs. I plan to have surgery after 1 year maintain at goal ,coz Im told by my GP that it wont improve. You can try massage with Bio oil or the like, for some improvement but I think loose skin is something many have to deal with. hopefully someone will be along to contradict me but.....sorry wish i was more positive.
My boobs are a bit like deflated balloons at the top and very saggy-I hope it all firms up at some point!!Oh and don't get me started on my inner thighs..yuck!!
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Yeah it is yuk but it wont stop me from getting to goal. i will deal with it as it comes. I made myself this way but becoming overweight, now I have to live with it. It is nobody's fault but my own. I will do what I can, loose skin or not


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i'm exactly the same...my boobs are like spanials ears and my belly looks like a balloon that has been left to go down after a few weeks...all wrinkley etc! its vile...BUT...i would prefer that at the moment than have them all smooth and filled with fat.
I'm going to be booking in for a tummy tuck (my worst area) a year after maintenance too (give me plenty of time to save) but i'm hoping i might be able to get something done on the NHS by then...i caqn but hope!!
It will improve, probably not to perfection and a lot of it is down to genetics.
They say it can take 12 months after you stop losing for things to reach there final point.
Yet another area your average gp is absolutely clueless about.
Saying all this i'm saving for moob reduction, was something I was going to do before losing weight but had to lose the weight really. Bit of a tummy I can deal with but man boobs have to go. :)


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coz Im told by my GP that it wont improve. .
I'm surprised your GP said that, i think it depends from person to person, age, muscles mass, genetics and whether or not you have had children

I hope/think I wont have to much a problem, toning exercise is important when u get near goal, also i'm using palmers firm skin lotion, which is made specificvally for weightloss and pregnancy

ive fingers cross my age, having no kids and being the muscley sort will help me out :confused:


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I recall from my old weight watchers diet club that two of the ladies there were on a promise of a national health tummy tuck if they reached a certain weight - they weren't huge, certainly no more than 4 stone to loose, this was in Yorkshire around about 4 years ago.



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Ohhh! Yay for guaranteed tummy tucks in Yorkshire ;) ;)

My stomach is horrible. I'm about a stone and a half down from my original starting weight, used to carry ALL my weight on my stomach, had a horrible overhang. Its still bad, but getting smaller. The skin though..... after having 2 children both 2 weeks overdue (I was HUGE!) I have so many stretch marks- as Lizz described above its like a dying balloon. Yes, I have youth on my side, but I really doubt that it'll help me much. Thinking about a TT if I maintain for 12-18 months......
This is where i'll moan about the nhs postcode lottery. Pretty sure I wouldnt get it in my area. Ah well nows the time to save before I have too many other commitments.


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This is where i'll moan about the nhs postcode lottery. Pretty sure I wouldnt get it in my area. Ah well nows the time to save before I have too many other commitments.
If its true about Yorkshire giving them away, register yourself at my address for a few months until you're on the waiting list.... ;) It does seem incredibly unfair how these things work though.
Well .... when I lived in Buckinghamshire, I got free NHS acupunture - for morning sickness (but the main treatments were for back problems).

I suspect that the Yorkshire lassies may have had some serious health issues as well but I don't know, I thought it was a bit odd at the time. It was also 4 years ago and times have changed.

I thought it was worth mentioning though because it might be worth bringing it up with your GP if it is something you feel that you really need.

I'm going to an internet search now for some miracle creams to help me with my 12 months of potential skin tightening.

I've just found and read another thread on this subject and they recommended swimming to help tighten skin on the arms and the thighs, I though that sounded like a great idea so have added it to this thread just in case anyone else is interested.


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