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Bah! This week might be classes as a disaster


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So on Friday night I celebrated graduating from Uni. I went drinking and dancing, it was great. Did not have chinese on the way home, hooray!

Got straight back on it on sat. Anyway the usual guilt has hit, WI in tmrw etc etc.

Just felt the need to confess, I hope all is not lost :sigh:
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Oh I really wouldn't worry - it's not every week you graduate is it!!!

what will be will be at WI now, but what ever the result, you had a good time AND refrained the chinese so good on you :)

Well done on graduating btw :D


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dont be so hard on yourself! graduating from uni is a big deal and possibly/probably a once in a lifetime experience!!

ok so you had a few drinks, but then you danced (body magic ;))
and as you said you didnt have chinese food on the way home and you got straight back on it the next day!

i think you did really well lovely :) ok so maybe you wont see the desired result on the scales, but even if you do STS or have a little gain, you will soon pull it back next week! try not to worry too much xx


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The only way 'all would be lost' is if you gave up!

You may gain, you may not- the absolutely vital issue is how you deal with your (completely understandable) off-plan evening. Do you draw a line, accept what happened, learn from it and carry on OR do you let the guilt turn into self-loathing and ens up completely sabotaging your weight loss future?

Life happens, mate- if this is going to be a lifestyle choice you need to learn to accept very occasionally we go off plan, accept it, and then concentrate what you do with the other 99% of your food choices

Good luck for WI and CONGRATULATIONS on graduating Uni- all the best for the future

maybe think of this week as a 2 week plan - you have had ONE day off - in 14.....and whatever happens at weigh in, make it count for the next weigh in (so for example if you maintain this week and lose 3 next week - technically its 1.5 per week!!!)

Good luck - and im sure it wont be half as bad as you think - esp as you resisted chinese :D xxxx
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Don't forget you can have a "fexi syn day" ......besides for one day celebrating a fantastic achievment is more important than worrying about you diet.

Losing and mantaining weight is a life journey.

oh and by the way



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S: 20st10lb C: 20st6lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.38%)
Thanks all!

I would have had a 'flexi' day but where the hell do you start with the syn values of champagne cocktails!?!

I did dance for 4 hours, I ache still this morning, lol, mature student after all ;)
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You have NO reason at all to feel guilty. Ok so you let your hair down for the evening. Even naturally slim people do that once in a while. You minimised the damage by not having a chinese so you did really well in my opinion. Plus you got right back on it the next day. I'm sure the damage won't be as bad as you think. It's not every day you graduate from uni and you should be justifiably proud! Well done! X

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