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balsamic vinegar

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by metrognome, 11 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    after months of deciding whether to buy some or not i now have and i have no idea what to do with it or what it tastes like do i just pour it over my salad :help2:
    im having potat salad for dinner mixed with light mayo and ham can i put it in that do you think and is it syn free?
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  3. mfinnis

    mfinnis Full Member

    Hi...it prob won't taste too nice poured over mayo - its quite sweet but might make the mayo curdle....
    its nice over salad leaves, cucumber, toms then have the potato salad on the side seperately....try some on a teaspoon then you'll know what you think....its a bit of an acquired taste....
    Last edited: 11 July 2009
  4. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    thanks never thought of trying a little bit first :eek: that would have been to easy :)
  5. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    Mmmm....balsamic vinegar mixed with a little olive oil and wholegrain mustard = yummy salad dressing!! not on potato salad though....that's not real salad, that's potato with funny sauce!
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  6. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    ewwww dont like that, someone told me it was sweet tasting bt its not, maybe i got the wrong one there was balsamic dressing there as well did i get the wrong one???
  7. sugar_lipswales

    sugar_lipswales Silver Member

    But is it syn free? It says on SW website that balsalmic dressing is 2 1/2 syns a teaspoon but can't find balsalmic vinegar. I love it with salads!
  8. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    The balsamic vinegar is free. It's the dressing that's synned.
  9. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    Yes it's free, and I use it just like Nicole. I went to Carluccios deli last time I was in London. They have it in a plastic container with bits of bread, and you can dip the bread in it. FABULOUS! I didn't buy a bottle because it was something like £11, BUT I wish I had! You could have drunk it! I buy the cheap stuff and use it alot, put it in spag bol etc, but it does make wonderful salad dressings. Next time I'm in London I shall splash out!
  10. sharron12

    sharron12 Full Member

    I love balsamic vinegar on cous cous and roasted veg. Yum.....
  11. Jenny112

    Jenny112 New Member

    At our meeting this week the consultant made a lovely drink using three talespoons of balsamic vinegar to one large bottle of diet lemonade. For decoration she added a slice of strawberry and cucumber and called it syn free pimms. Its nice and served chilled in a posh glass it makes you feel as though you are having a fancy drink.
  12. *Sally Cinnamon*

    *Sally Cinnamon* Full Member

    It is lovely as a reduction when you deglaze a steak pan

  13. kevandju5

    kevandju5 Maintaining

    I use it on salads too, and in chilli/spag bol etc. It's also really yummy in tuna, pepper and cheese omelette with mixed herbs. xx
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