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Balsamic Vinegar


Not sure if I've posted in the right place as it's not really directly SW related.

For those of you who use it - where did you get it from? I found some in Morrisons but they were roughly £5!! Is that to be expected? I don't particularly want to spend that much on something I don't even know if I'll use!

Also, how else can you use it? My main reason is to have a go of the syn free BBQ sauce. Can it be used for anything else?
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I use Asda's own, its £1 a bottle, I add a splash to bolognese sauce as well.

I know someone who has it mixed with tuna she loves it, I haven't tried that yet.


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i use BV in so much. on salads, in sauces, it's lovely! tesco/asda do cheap own brand ones.
I get mine from Asda's or Morrisons generally & lately home bargains have had bottles for about 89p!!

I use it more than I can think off the top of my head - def a must for the BBQ sauce (which is yummy!!). It is worth getting in, but don't need to get the expensive brands.


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Like wise, Asda/Tesco £1.00 or less.....

i use it when cooking onions and mushrooms - fry off the onions and mushroons in frylight for 5/10 mins..... add a dash of BV cover it with a lid turn off heat and let it stand untill needed then warm up ...
I was shocked when I saw the price of some of them too. £15 for a salad dressing?! I buy the cheapest mainly for BBQ chicken but I made some roasted veggies for lunch and cold chicken. Couldn't decide what to dress it with so drizzled some over. Was rather yummy.


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I cannot survive without balsamic vinegar! We have a cheap bottle that we use for everyday cooking (great splashed on SW chips...) but we have a bottle that cost $35 for 100mls and I have to say there really is no comparison. The expensive stuff is absolutely divine in a way that I just can't describe. We tend to save it for GOOD meals, and not use it for cooking.

And if you haven't tried balsamic on strawberries then please do so, immediately! We make a salad of spinach, thinly sliced strawberries, maybe a sprinkling of walnuts and balsamic vinegar. It is to die for, and even better if you add goats cheese as a HEA...
Hi All,

I picked up Tesco balsamic dressing mistake thinking it would be good for making the syn free BBQ sauce only it turns out to be 4 syns per level tbsp :eek: so read the label on the bottles very carefully.

I still use it as i dont like to waste anything but its no longer free.:(

Don't confuse balsamic vinegar with balsamic dressing (which is the vinegar with oil and other ingredients).

And SallyC - I agree. I once went to a tasting of balsamic vinegar and you definitely do get what you pay for. The cheaper stuff is fine for everyday use, but I too have a little stash of the special stuff for special occasions!
you can mix it with lemon juice, a good blob of wholegrain mustard, a pinch of splenda, salt pepper. Amazing salad dressing. Add a bit of water if you find it too strong x
I use balsamic vinegar to make slimming world syn free 'PIMMS'

diet lemonade
2 tblsps balsamic vinegar
chopped strawberries
chopped apples
Plenty of ice

throw it all in a jug mix well and serve absolutly goregous especially with this gorgeous weather :)

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