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Banana Tetra?


This is the last time!!
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Does this taste like the sachet shakes Banana? Only, I didn't like the sachet one! I am out all day next Sunday and am going to ask CDC tomorrow if I can have one to try for that day, but not sure which to choose. Someone said the chocolate one was very rich which has made me wonder if I should try banana.
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i never tried the banana sachet but the tetra is yummmmy as is the choc ones at the mo im living on the choc ones :)

why dont you get one of both to try?


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now i love the banana sachet but hated the tetra, tasted very artificial..... but then i dont like the strawberry sachet . maybe buy a few extras just to try , thats what i do , then if i dont like it i throw it but i still have the right amount for the week


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the choc tetra quite yummy , i take one to work ..... not to fussed on the choc sachet ..... strange really . good job we are all different


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i do like the chocolate one. i think i may order one or two of the banana ones for work. i have to say they are a brill idea for work or if im going to be somewhere where im not able to make a shake.


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now i love the banana sachet but hated the tetra
I was absolutely the same. The tetra left me feeling really ill, and I really dreaded having the sachet but I had to, as I had no spares. I was surprised that the shake from the sachet was absolutely lovely!

If they could make the tetra taste like that, I'd be happy.


impossible is nothing
S: 22st7lb G: 11st0lb
maybe its the way they have to do it so all the nutrients stay in it. as with the shakes you have to have them within 15 mins of making them.. i think
Tetras are more concentrated, so thicker than a shake you make yourself...they do taste different to the packet ones.

Best to just try one to see what you think, as everyone's tastes are different.

I hate the choc tetras, but can drink the banana ones (won't say I really like them, but they make a nice change, & come in handy on daytrips etc, when you can't mix a shake).



This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Thanks! I ended up buying one of each so if I really hate the first one I have the second to fall back on. Think the choc will be my first choice to try! Will let you know how I get on.


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I like the tetras as they are real creamy and I feel a bit naughty when I have one.lol.
its down to personal preference i think..personally i dont like the banana tetra i bought one and tried it and i was still unsure so i bought another one the next week and do you know i made up my mind...bleurgh...it has a back taste to it that i cant describe for me, but i am not ruling it out when i get fed up of the choc tetras, but i cant see me getting fed up of those...im addicted....

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I like the packet banana but the tetra banana taste nasty to me. I have them when I'm out for convenience but drink them quickly and then have lots of water to rinse it down, ugh!
I feel like I am having a treat with the banana tetra, so fed up of using the blender that this month I bought lots of tetra's. So handy, I plan to freeze some this time as I heard that can be nice.

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