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Banana's in pyjama's???

That is a really good question. Actually I would say you have to weight it without the skin because you won't eat it. And actually you just have to weight all the stuff you are eating, haven't you? Or what do you think? Well this is how I have been dealing with this problem for about three weeks (That is when I started to do weight watchers)
According to the book you weight with the skin on. Its simpler just to look at it and guesstimate though.
Where did you get the book from? I got all my information from the internet and I thought that this would be enough. Or would you say that I should buy the book as well? So do I have to weight all veggies and fruit like pineapple and so on with the skin first?
Sam - it's in the member's book. And no, you don't weigh pineapple etc with the skin on. the whole point about banana's is that you weight with the skin on to be better able to guess how many points a typical banana would be if you don't have scales available.

WW don't always like to you weigh your food anyway. It is a very useful tool but when eating out etc. you should be able to guess - a portion of cheese at 4 points is the size of a matchbox, a 2point jacket potato is the size of a lightbulb etc. They recommend weighing at the beginning and then if you plateau or gain weight. Otherwise you should be attempting to find ways to guess how many points are in typical portions of food to help you cope with maintaining when you reach goal!
Sorry for having asked this question. I must have sounded so stupid to you. The reason for asking is that I haven't bought the member's book yet. I got all my information from the internet and from this forum. Would you suggest me to buy the book too? Or do you think that the internet provides enough information?

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