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"banned" foods


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Hi everyone

Could anyone give me an idea of the foods not allowed when taking xenical? I've started packet reading in preparation for getting the pills and everything I pick up seems to be out of bounds! Would be really helpful if you guys could just list a few things that I might not suspect! For example I thought lean mince would be OK but it's not!

Thanks xx
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im ok with Extra lean mince (i usually get it from tesco) and i dont have any problem with that... or use Quorn mince....

im not sure we all have the ability to write down things that we cant have....

maybe the xenical tablets are not going to be for you, if its a case of everything that you pick up seems to be out of the 5% rule...

i thought it was going to be hard to start off with, as im sure everyone did, but you get the hang of it..

look for low fat options!...
there are some oven chips (the frozen ones) that we cant have but McCain do one that is in the rules (if you dont ahve too many of them and take your meal over 15g)

yoghurts. look for fat free...

sausages, look for weight watchers ones... and asda (not sure about other supermarkets) do some that are only 3%...

remember that fruit, veg etc.. dont have fat.. (but they do have calories so watch that side of things)

there is ben and jerries frozen youghurts (which taste no different to the icecream versions imo) that you can have, and Skinny cow do some very nice 3% fat ice creams on a stick....

they are just some things that are off the top of my head...

hope this helps


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Thanks for your reply! I think I'll just need to get it into my head that I can't be as flexible with the Slimming World plan when I'm taking xenical. Need to find new things to use my syns on! :)
Hi, it is a nightmare at first the first time i went shopping after getting xenical all people could hear me say was OH MY GOD, as i realised how much fat is in some of the foods i would usually eat...some of the most shocking to me were low fat coleslaw, mayonaise, corned beef,eggs,(although i do get away with these!!) chicken roll,cheese, as these are the things i used to consider low fat, and typically some of my faves...I find the weight watchers food brilliant tho and the curry is actually lush.x
the hellmanss extra light mayonaise is ok. As are alot of the pizza express pizzas. You can get low fat burgers and sausages. Carte dor light is also under.

Just remember that say you are having a burger at 7% if you have chips at 3% per 100g than that will be an ok meal as long as you still watch your portions.

Also remember that rosemary conley diet is a under 5% per 100g diet so you can get recipies etc that are all ok on the websirte, magazine cookbooks and on the forum here.
You should have no reaction with the burgers if the meal still comes under 5% per 100g

just takes a bit more maths to work out the percentage as you have to add the two components together then divide by the number of componenets that make up the meal.
it can work that way. If you think about a ready meal that is within the 5% rule for example. The individual components of that meal some of which may be over the 5% but added all together will bring it under 5%.

Best example i can think of is any ready meal made with salmon on average salmon alone is about 7g fat per 100g for eg Morrisons eat smart Salmon a pasta and veg is 2.6g of fat per 100g

Or kershaws pie and chips the ready meal is under 5% (12g for the whole meal)but certainly the pastry on the top of the pie is more than 5g of fat per 100g.
The salmon is purely an example of something which on its own is over but combined is under.

I cant eat cajun chicken without getting side effects but that has nothing to do with the fat content as it is under 5g per 100g. It is just one of those foods that disagrees with me. But i can eat salmon till the cows come home.

The other one is eggs fine in the evening or morning but straight out (sorry tmi) if at lunch.
Hungary, I can see the point you're trying to make, and if you were very thorough with your calculations then maybe you could take the average fat % of all the food on your plate, and still be within the guidelines overall.

To be honest though, I think the vast majority of Xenical users find it difficult enough to stick to the 5g per 100g rule, and to make sure they don't exceed 15g in each meal (whilst also keeping an eye on calories / fluid intake etc.) without performing even more calculations along the way.

The simplest, and best way to make sure you don't get the side effects, as KB says, it to ensure that no item is over 5g per 100g fat.
We have so many new members all the time who struggle to get their head around what they can and can't eat on Xenical, so my advice would always be to keep things simple and stick to the 5% rule.

Obviously we all stray outside the guidelines now and again - some things we get away with, some we don't, but the main thing is to understand what you're supposed to be doing, and to know where you've gone wrong if you do get a side effect!
woah youv'e defoo started something here penguin lol...but i deffo agree kb and alex..no offence hungary but i personaly find it easier to stick to to the 5g per 100g rule to start with and as you go on you will deffinatley work out what does and does not work for you haha believe me it gets easier.x


Not evil at all
Thanks for your replies guys, have been away for a few days so didn't get a chance to check back here!

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