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barely survived first day!

hello all,
i found this website over the weekend and it really inspired me. left me knowing this would be difficult, but infinitely worthwhile.
today was my first day and it was such a struggle. drinking all that water wasn't easy but it was no real hardship. it was actually the meals that got to me. i had a strawberry shake in the morning, didn't like it but managed to finish it. had the chocolate velvet for lunch and loved it. then for dinner had the broccoli cheese soup and i loathed it. could barely keep it down let alone finish it, but i did. and everything i made had a lumpy consistency.
so my question(s): does it get easier? is it a matter of discovering what you like and sticking with those? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Ah but you HAVE survived the first day! You'll survive the second, third....etc and before you know it you'll be at goal

It does help getting an idea of the flavours you like - it will be easier when they're a little more tasty for you. Also when you get into ketosis it certainly takes the edge off the hunger

Hang in there - you can do it

Ails xx
It definately does get easier, promise! Try all the different flavours and you will find some you like. I only have Choc Tetras and Mushroom soup now cause I love em!

Good luck


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Hi Chez,

Good for you for getting your first day done and dusted!!!:grouphugg:

Yes it does get easier and the taste of the milkshakes improve as you won't notice the vitamins and minerals after awhile.

It is a bit of hit and miss finding the flavours that you like but I am sure your CDC will kindly exchange the ones you don't like.

I found the soups took awhile for me to get to like them, vegetable would be my own favourite.

Try having a half glass of water before you take your milkshake as this can help greatly in diluting the taste of the shake.

I have a Braun hand blender I use to mix my milkshakes and also a plastic shaker with a grid that does a good job of the shakes as well.

Some use a frothy maker.

I guess we all end up with our own favourite way of doing it.:)

The weight comes off very fast so it is a good idea to have your body measurements done and photos, they are good to have to compare as time goes by and you can see how far you have come.

Love Mini xxx
with you there on the choc velvet and the strawberry ( i couldnt finish that one ) i only have a hand blender , so chuck a pack ( shake ) big jug , whisk it . stick it in the fridge for 5 mins or so , whisk again ... perfect.... just about to have my last pack fruits of forest , smells divine , so hoping it will taste as good as it smells.
i love the veg soup, i find half a pack in a mug , keep stirring with spoon and its perfect , then have the other half later in the day when i get peckish again
fruits of the forest is ok .... reminds me of something else but cant think what !!! i think they must add a scent to some of these as they smell divine


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fruit of the forest taste to me the same as the yogurt by the same name:)


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